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You may want to watch or modify the queue of JIRA tickets.  If you have a JIRA login then it's best to look at the real JIRA task filter which shows Go-related tickets.

You can get a login  here.  Alternatively, the Wiki assembls this report from JIRA right here in the Wikito the JIRA and/or Confluence infrastructure by checking the instructions on the right hand side of the Wiki starting page.


Go Agents are what other systems might call "build slaves".  They do the actual compilation Jobs assigned by the Go Server.


List of Go Agents and maintainers
(This list needs continuous maintenance - please notify the administrator if you see a mismatch)


Agent NameLocation, Company and Maintainer contactOperating system & setupComments

Custom, temporarily unavailable

Specialized agent for Vagrant/VirtualBox jobs


Main builder machine

Run by GENIVI IT, rented at Hetzner data center
(Go issues : Gunnar Andersson)
(Machine issues: GENIVI IT mgr Nicholas Contino)

Standard Docker setup

6-core / 12-thread CPU (slightly older)
~2 x 400GB SSD combined in RAID0


Agent running on machine to handle automated testing preparation and Lava integration

Run by GENIVI IT (→ AWS)

This is a special purpose agent used to deploy files on the "docs" local disk (to be able to put them into web serving directories, and another storage location where can fetch test artifacts.

"docs" is the generic download site and also hosts binaries.

(Go issues : Gunnar Andersson)
(Machine issues: GENIVI IT mgr Nicholas Contino)

Standard Docker setup + install custom credentials for

N.B. The credentials to log into are manually
added to the docker container.


Temporary.   Machine is run by Gunnar Andersson
This is the fastest build machine on average

Standard Docker setup64 GB RAM, modern CPU & fast SSD


Resource NamePurpose and explanation

Example of Pipeline
needing this resource

Example of Agent
having this resource


This signifies an agent machine that has been entrusted to keep a copy of licensed binary drivers for Renesas hardware, typically graphics drivers.  Without those binaries the build would fail but since they are only distributed after user license acceptance, there is no opportunity for an Agent to download them as part of the pipeline input material.

Special build steps are included to copy the binaries from a predefined location on an agent machine carrying this resource.

All GDP / Baseline builds for Renesas Hardware

Most Yocto_build enabled agents – please refer to the actual agent list on server (might need admin credentials)


This is used to indicate the agent is capable of running full Yocto builds of GDP size. 

This might go away if all agents are capable of doing that, or if those that are not (for example on-target test agents) are instead placed in a unique Environment (see below).

Full GDP / baseline builds using Yocto.

Most agents, unless they are known to be small (slow, or with little disk space).

deploy_geniviThis means the agent is colocated or otherwise has the ability to copy files directly to the disks involved in other parts of GENIVI infrastructure - most notably to copy files to the web server area so that they show up on
Single special-purpose agent.

This resource is specified on an agent dedicated to control a board farm for <architecture>, i.e. testing jobs can be assigned to run on it.

GDP & Baseline automated tests
arm (N/A)This is an agent machine that runs an ARM processor appropriate for native compilation/execution on ARM.

currently none used