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Setting up a Go-Agent (for sponsoring companies or individuals)


Code Block
git clone
cd gocd-setup/docker/agent
<Edit some variables in Makefile -- see inside>
make build
make run


This is

  • not recommended and 
  • not approved for the standard network of agents, since we require all agents to be identical to avoid mismatch issues (and the Docker container setup guarantees this).
  • possibly obsolete with respect to later versions of Go.CD

Details (do not use – use the Docker setup instead)

Most information is available in Go.CD standard documentation 


This is not recommended since the the point of the GENIVI-Go project is to collect up necessary build jobs into a shared environment (one single go-server - multiple agents) that everyone benefits from. 
    But if you want to try it locally and then transfer what you created, then documentation is available on the Go.CD website and the easy-genivigo project might help if you want to try out a complete local environment.


  • The physical (or VM) server shall run a modern Linux distro with Docker installed
  • Clone the gocd-setup project and use the docker/server directory
  • There is a README inside that directory
  • Make sure the Go Server configuration is set up to use HTTPS (only)
  • Set up a separate Web server that will redirect any requests to HTTP/port 80 to the HTTPS URL:
  • Install the certificates according to this instruction:  SSL/TLS cert on HTTPS://