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GENIVI-OIC call 5 Feb 2016

Daniel (Samsung Open Source Center) - scope: Tizen, OIC, automotive, cloud
Sanjeev (Samsung Open Source Center) - scope: Tizen platform development & commercialization, OIC/IoTivity open source project
GENIVI: Magnus (RVI Expert Group Lead), Gunnar (System Architecture Team Lead), Philippe (Program Manager)

Event timeline
MWC, Barcelona, 3rd week of February: there will be a lot of demos there
GENIVI Spring AMM, Paris, end of April: this is the topic of this call
Samsung Developer Conference, San Francisco, late April

Support materials: Samsung presentation attached

Magnus: RVI standardizes the vehicle interface to the cloud, some overlap between RVI and OIC
Sanjeev: OCF will have a certification program in place by mid-year

Samsung presentation
slide #5 - IoTivity Architecture: we use DTLS as security framework (note: a derivation of SSL), all transport layers are not available yet (e.g. cloud)
slide #9 - OIC value proposition for GENIVI: OIC is putting an alignment plan in place with UPnP forum, OIC industrial and healthcare profiles are currently in progress, OIC approach is through compliance giving a lot of freedom for vendors.
slide #10: 
device control from gateway
- remote home monitoring from vehicle (i.e. displaying a camera stream on the dashboard) would be very nice (but difficult technically)
- fallback demo would be to control home devices from the vehicle
remote monitoring and control of vehicle
user device identity & association management
- this refer to the area of wearable devices that can provide the user identity
slide #11: services examples
dashboard services 
- example: show the car data on the smart phone

Gunnar: this is quite a wide scope targeted by Samsung, it is good to know that OIC produces both specs and code together, it is a factor of success
Gunnar: which devices will be certified first ?
Sanjeev: certification alignment depends on device categories, smart home specs certification is the one completed at the moment.
Gunnar: how does the interaction with W3C work ?
Sanjeev: the scope for this would be rather a Wifi + Internet network, we are considering other networks in OIC like Zigbee and BT
Sanjeev: CoAP will be used (@Sanjeev: please confirm) (COAP = Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP),

Magnus: can you send an example of OIC resource model ?
Sanjeev: urls are available for download to anyone (
TODO Magnus - look at OIC resource model

Sanjeev: this a question for RVI - how to manage routing through the cloud ? does it depend on some kind of external DNS related to vehicle position.
Magnus: RVI approach is peer-to-peer

Magnus presents then the high level use cases for RVI project (

Demo for GENIVI Spring AMM
what could be the "bill-of-materials" for a demo ?
GENIVI GDP, RVI components + V2Xboard (from JLR), OIC software, OIC/home gateway, OIC devices
Magnus: we had a demo on a connected (JLR) car and home at CES on the Intel booth
Philippe: Samsung showed a BMW i3 connected to home devices at CES on the Samsung booth, what was the connectivity technology used for it ?
Sanjeev: was not OIC.

Daniel: Samsung sends an NDA to JLR/Matt, got not feedback from JLR yet
Philippe/Gunnar: in our opinion, we do not need a NDA for working on a joint demo together
Philippe: will check with Steve Crumb

Next step
new call on Fri 12 February 7am CET
- use cases for a demo at GENIVI Spring AMM (short term) & GENIVI Fall AMM (Silicon Valley, 18-21 October)
- mapping of RVI and OIC resource models
- workplan draft
- commitment of parties for executing the (short term) workplan for a demo in Paris