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The Yocto Baseline uses DEPRECATED! This documentation has been moved into the meta-ivi-test layer to create a Genivi compliant build of the Yocto Project Poky reference distribution.

When the meta-ivi-test layers in included in a Yocto Baseline build it adds the extra packages needed to run tests for Genivi components.

Currently not all components are included and contribution to fill the gap is welcomed.

test using script

See test_of_meta-ivi.pptx

build and test manually

  1. add meta-ivi-test layers to <your build directory>/conf/bblayers.conf

    Code Block
    BBLAYERS += " \
        ##your source code root##/poky/../meta-ivi/meta-ivi-test \
  2. add test package to your image by modifying <your build directory>/conf/bblayers.conf.

    Code Block
    IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " \
        audiomanager-test \
        common-api-test \
  3. after build, you can see the directory /opt/tests in your s/w image

    Code Block
    root@qemux86-64:~# ls -F /opt/tests/
    audiomanager/               node-startup-controller/
    audiomanagerplugins/        node-state-manager/
    bluez5/                     persistence-administrator/
    capicxx-perf/               persistence-client-library/
    common-api-test/  *
  4. run test with following instructions
    1. Test of AudioManager
    2. Test of wayland-ivi-extension
    3. Test of Common API C++ runtime.
    4. Test of persistence-administrator
    5. Test of persistence-client-library (PCL)
    6. Test of persistence-common-object
    7. Test of dlt-daemon
    8. Test of node-state-manager
    9. Test of node-health-monitor
    10. Test of node-startup-controller
    11. Test of bluez5

be version controlled together with the code in question instead. 

Those looking for the links to the historical step by step instructions on running things like the IVI-Extension tests can find them here in this earlier revision of this page.