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GENIVI-OCF call 23 March 2016 - 7am CET

JLR: Anson Fan
GENIVI: Gunnar, Philippe R

code repo:;a=summary

Review of action items
GOCF-15 - Define UI for shopping list and other smart home scenarii:
3 buttons will be provided - leading home, smart home status, etc., Anson will put details in the wiki

GOCF-12 - Define vehicle side RVI services for OCF Demo: Anson will add some details

GOCF-9 - RVI Local Node in OCF-RVI Gateway: Anson can close it

GOCF-6 - Port HVAC UI from AGL to GDP: JLR got a GDP running, might take another week or so for completion, we use GDP 9 and build for VTC-1010 (x86)

GOCF-3 - Verify Location simulator in GDP : Anson - we will load gps data from a file

GOCF-13 - Define infra to integrate devices and gateway: Anson - wifi: we use hardwired connection between the vehicle and the cloud, will add a comment on wifi

remote integration trough the internet: Sanjeev and Anson have planned to start it to-morrow

Adjourned: 7:20am CET