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Table of Contents

17th AMM October 2017

15th AMM October 2016

titleTools Team working session

Tools Team Working Session

We are tracking the tasks related with the Tools Team working session at the 15th AMM





Day: Thursday Oct 20th

Time: 16:15 to 17:30

  • Tools
    • (first topic).
    • SDK
    • Current Franca and YAMAICA status
    • EB solys: Elektrobit contribution
    • UML
  • GENIVI infrastructure and services
    • Current status.
    • Work to do during the next cycle.
    • GDP needs



        • Testing
        • Deployment
    • Tools Team charter



    • Philippe Colliot
    • Philippe Robin
    • Jeremiah Foster
    • Klaus B.
    • Stephen L.
    • Agustin B.B.
    • Torsten (Elektrobit)
    • Sebastian (Elektrobit)
    • Andrea from LG


    • Mature project. 6 years old.

    Common API and Jamaica

    • Klaus talked to BMW maintainers
    • BMW is using it in production project: mid of 2018
    • No new features until then, just fixes.
    • Current version 3.1.9
    • They use GitHub after going through legal review.
    • Jamaica still not pushed to Github
    • Klaus will add here the report.

    Elektrobit contribution

    • Discussion about how to start working with GENIVI since the tools has two different parts, one Open Source and one (host) proprietary. GENIVI program would be the first step.
    • Discussion about where to host the sources for the project. Mozilla license 2.0 is the preferred license at this point. It will be confirmed.
    • Philippe sent a mail to Steve about the GENIVI program for this case.


    Maintainer not present

    Infrastructure and services: status and roadmap

    • Jeremiah shows some slides. The slides will be linked here.

    GDP needs

    • Agustin show some slides with some needs. 


    •  This task will include the requests for inmprovments related with services and infrastructure.

    Tools Team summary

    Unknown User (toscalix)


     as Tools Team lead needs to prepare a presentation (4 to 5 slides) summarizing the activity of the Tools Team. In order to do that it is required the collaboration of all Tools Teams Members. Please read below what is required.


    Please add some bullet points related with the accomplishments you want to report about in your area.

    • Franca: published release 0.11.0 in July 2016, highlights:
      • transformations from OMG IDL (aka Corba) and Google Protobuf to Franca IDL
      • framework support for building standalone (command-line) generators and transformations
      • support for building validators for deployment models

    In progress

    Please add some bullet points related with what is currently going on in your area

    • IVI development: Research project for building Integrated Specification Environment, covering Franca, safety/security, performance analysis
    • Franca: updating documentation and training material

    Future focus.

    Please add some bullet points related with what you will work on the coming 6 months.

    • IoNAS: migrate sources of transformation from AUTOSAR svn server to
    • Franca: finalize Franca for Integrated Specification Environment (based on MPS)

    Other content

    Please also add the following information:

    • Sessions you have at the AMM. Remeber that we will advertise the coming sessions, so add yours.
    • Link to slides, release announcements or wiki pages you want to include

    2016-10-19, 14:00-14:45: Klaus Birken, Modeling Interfaces with Franca - Introduction and Update

    2016-10-19, 14:45-15:15: Torsten Mosis, Are your interfaces used as expected? Validate D-Bus messages with Franca deployment models

    and EB solys

    2016-10-19, 16:30-17:30: Klaus Birken, Knowing your System - Executable Specifications for IVI Product Lines 


    14th AMM in Paris April 2016

    The ticket related to this topic is



    • Tools Team overview: charter and members
    • Tool Team highlights
    • Status:
    • Status: GDP ADK/SDK
    • Status: Git Strategy
    • Status: Download infrastructure
    • Status: other topics
    • Conclusions
    • The future




    The tools team plans to add automated testing to the CI. See



    Link to the minutes of the Tools Team f2f meeting at 14th AMM