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Currently not all components are included and contribution to fill the gap is welcomed.

test using script

See test_of_meta-ivi.pptx

build and test manually

  1. add meta-ivi-test layers to <your build directory>/conf/bblayers.conf

    Code Block
    BBLAYERS += " \
        ##your source code root##/poky/../meta-ivi/meta-ivi-test \
  2. add test package to your image by modifying <your build directory>/conf/bblayers.conf.

    Code Block
    IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " \
        audiomanager-test \
        common-api-test \
  3. after build, you can see the directory /opt/tests in your s/w image

    Code Block
    root@qemux86-64:~# ls -F /opt/tests/
    audiomanager/               node-startup-controller/
    audiomanagerplugins/        node-state-manager/
    bluez5/                     persistence-administrator/
    capicxx-perf/               persistence-client-library/
    common-api-test/  *
  4. run test with following instructions
    1. Test of AudioManager
    2. Test of wayland-ivi-extension
    3. Test of Common API C++ runtime.
    4. Test of persistence-administrator
    5. Test of persistence-client-library (PCL)
    6. Test of persistence-common-object
    7. Test of dlt-daemon
    8. Test of node-state-manager
    9. Test of node-health-monitor
    10. Test of node-startup-controller
    11. Test of bluez5