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Those with Yocto knowledge can build this release candidate from scratch from the GDP Master (link), where work is currently being done to support multiple Intel and ARM-based development boards. Other links of interest are:

  • GDP 11 RC3 Feature Page provides details on what is new in this pre-release.

  • GDP Releases wiki page where you can find information on how to run the available GDP 11 RC2, RC3 ports to different boards and the new SDE . This is of interest to those application developers who are not familiar with Yocto.

  • GDP Master wiki page, with instructions on how to build GDP from scratch with support to a wider range of target boards with Yocto knowledge.

  • GDP 11 Bug Tracking system for those wishing to provide feedback on this release. The GDP Delivery Team welcomes bug reports.

  • GDP 11 Roadmap for information on the upcoming GDP 11 release.