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  •  Basic VSM state tracking and signal emission based on VSM rule files and user input
  • VSM rule microformat contained within the YAML format
  • Setting initial state in the rule files
  • The `condition` keyword along with boolean expressions consisting of signal names and literal values, such as `phone_call == 'active'`
  • Redirecting verbose output to a separate log file with the `--log-file` flag
  • Delayed signal emission with the `delay` keyword
  • Pluggable IPC infrastructure and a ZeroMQ IPC module as a proof-of-concept for network IPC
  •  Detailed logging, such as a timestamp on each line which will allow for later support to "replay" log files for debugging purposes
  • Test suite (``) which we keep current with every commit

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Latest Changes

  • Logging within `vsm` is handled by a separate process to avoid blocking the policy engine by disk writes
  • By default, `vsm` outputs each rule condition check and its outcome.
    • This can be disabled with the `--no-log-condition-checks` flag
  • `vsm` non-essential output (like state dumps) can be redirected to a separate log file with the `--log-file` flag
  • `vsm` prints signal emissions and the full VSM state each time any  member changes
  • initial `vsm` test suite (``)
  • initial `vsm` implementation