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Comment: Updated/tested with qemu version 2.12.0 + improve installation instructions for deps


sudo apt install build-essential libepoxy-dev libdrm-dev libgbm-dev libx11-dev libvirglrenderer-dev libpulse-dev libsdl2-dev

On Fedora, this translates to something like : 

sudo dnf install  libepoxy-devel libdrm-devel mesa-libgbm-devel virglrenderer-devel pulseaudio-libs-devel SDL2-devel


Start out by downloading and extracting the QEMU source tarball.

tar xf qemu-2.1012.10.tar.xz

cd qemu-2.1012.10

Now issue the configure command in order to generate build instructions for make.


If any of these lines have "no" instead of "yes", then some packages might still be missing. 

The configure script usually tells you which need to be installed on your system - for example since you requested SDL (Simple Direct Medialayer, not SmartDeviceLink), it must be installed etc.

If everything's okay up to this point, issue this command to compile QEMU. All of your processor's cores will be used in order to speed up the compilation.