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Top-priority projects

Hypervisor Project (active)

Challenge: Efficient realization of the move from networked system to consolidated systems

  • Extending / developing HV APIs e.g. starting from virtio.  Potentials for cross-industry consolidation?
  • Understanding where Common Interfaces are feasible and realistic
  • For implementors who are interested:  Surveying and analyzing available HV choices.
  • Building the system stack with hypervisors and networked operating system instances

Graphics Sharing & Distributed HMI Compositing (active)

Challenge: Consistent distributed HMI experience across distributed and diverse multi-ECU systems.

  • Top-level compositing across domains for the same physical display, with or without mixed safety levels
  • Diverse operating systems and HMI technologies
  • Distributed HMIs - Wayland/Waltham... other
  • + Graphics transfer encoding/technology

Generic Communication Protocols Evaluation (active)

Challenge:  Too many choices, too much diversity, too much boiler-plate code, adaption layers, and incompatibility.


  • Complexity in encoding rules from input to effect
  • Bounded latency guarantees, time identification
  • Modes / modality and dynamic rules

System Health, Debugging and Analysis in Distributed Systems (suspended)

Challenge: The complexity of debugging and running robustly automotive computing systems with today's constant connectivity, data distribution, consolidation/virtualization and cross-domain interactions.
Seeking out, evaluating, consolidating and recommending Tools and Standards that support development of virtualized or connected, distributed systems with cross-domain interactions.