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titleGeneric Communication Protocol Evaluation - Kickoff

Generic Communication Protocol - Kickoff (done)

N.B. The project scope is briefly described under project descriptions

Asia/Europe-Friendly time

November 24, 2017
0900 Central European Time
1700 Tokyo/Seoul

When it is time, join here

Europe/US-friendly time

no US-friendly webex this time because this is Thanksgiving in the US - theabove session will be recorded


  • Review and refine initial goals of the project
  • Practicalities - issue tracker, mailing list, meeting setup
  • Introduction to protocol XY
  • Presentation of project participants, background, interest and planned participation
  • Free form discussion
    • immediate thoughts?
    • other technologies to be aware of?
    • partitioning the work into different areas of investigation
  • Participant feedback on goals - prioritization
  • Review actions, next steps