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(star) What is this?  → Please refer to the projects overview page for a quick introduction, then for more details, the Kickoff slides, and recording.

Next call

(green star) Generic Communication Protocols Evaluation

Next call: 


Tuesday 11 June 2019  - 11:15am CET


  • AMM workshop preparation: Franca-ARA, GPRO project overview
  • multi-OS integration demo update
  • Franca-ARA Stage 2 project - test cases
  • new topics: transformation tool safety, Franca+Stage 2 testing
  • continuation of Franca+ discussion
  • continutation of discussion on safety for a tool like Franca-ARA transformer
  • whitepaper publishing
  • AOB

Zoom Meeting

  • Register in advance for this meeting:  Registration link (to be updated)
  • Meeting link:
  • Zoom Meeting Number:  741 931 761