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Simple Meeting Minutes, store them here in order:

21 May

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Marc (Renault), Klaus (Itemis), Thorsten (Itemis), Stephen (Renesas), Gunnar

Klaus: will kickoff the franca/ara stage 2 on thursday
Marc proposal topics:
- safety management topics
- test strategy (including coverage)

Things we could focus on in the (near) future as outcome of the discussions during the Franca/Aracom workshop:

1- Follow up near production level tool (formalize testing, etc..)
( plan, when tool will be delivered, etc...)

2- Tool to generate vsomeip.json from fdepl / In general, deployement alignment

3- Franca Plus support for the tool. Gunnar: Franca+ looks stalled, we need progress there.
Klaus: Franca+ model need to accomodate more wishes and needs from the industry.
Conti and Visteon will come back with wishlist of additions to the Franca+ model.
Klaus: Franca+ could be merged in Franca tools.

4- Android support
Need to understand if there is a need and wish for SOA in android.
Do we want to expose the SOA api to the java/kotlin world?
Investigation of current messaging/communication approaches in Android (aidl, hidl, etc...)
- use case: take access to vehicle signal from 3rd party app
- use case: proprietary java app running in android without exposing the api (e.g. CES 2019) *
- use case: take advantage of MIPS on android (push capi++)
e.g. take GENIVI DEMO CES 2019 and redoit for Android HMI

23 April 

Attendees: Visteon, Renault, Bosch, Continental (new participant), Renesas, Gunnar, Philippe