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Comment: Set up next week's meeting. Add preliminary agenda, an actions.


The Hypervisor Project follows after two successful workshops at the last two GENIVI All-Member-Meetings and investigates the wide scope of open- source and commercial hypervisor technologies, and addresses challenges in their use.   Through collaboration between all vendors, experts and adopters of virtualization technology we can lower the barriers to successful product development.  The project drives requirements, standardization for Hypervisor APIs, and other types of investigations to facilitate ECU consolidation, price reduction, and management of mixed-criticality in systems for improved security and functional safety.

Next Meeting

(green star) Tuesday, July


17, 10:00 AM CET


(Being confirmed)

  • API standardization / virtual platform definition – Read VIRTIO introRead attached presentation on that page.  Familiarize yourself with VIRTIO spec scope (today).
  • Reactions to Samsung Paper (linked below under General Publication)
  • New list of group topics - sort and prioritize.
    • Discuss opportunity for multiple meets per week (on sub-projects / sub-topics).
  • API standardization / virtual platform definition 
    • Action for all: Look at list of devices (bottom). Start evaluating:  Responsible person, Is VIRTIO adequate, What are the automotive requirements, ...
  • Milestones, deliverables, and workplan.
  • AOB