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GENIVI keeps its source code in publicly hosted git repositories. If you would like to have a git repository set up and hosted through GENIVI you propose a project here: project proposal form. If you're already a GENIVI member and have a project already proposed through an expert group, you can request a git repo from the Community Manager, mailing the project management office (PMO), or contacting GENIVI IT. Please note that internal GENIVI git repos are largely deprecated because GENIVI operates under Open Source best practices and all code is under a FOSS license.


More information on working with


Often each repository has its own preferred workflow. Please follow instructions in the README file or alternatively the CONTRIBUTING file if one exists. Any questions can be sent GENIVI's community manager or IT program manager. GENIVI's community manager reads all the public mailing list so you can send an email to one of those.

Sending a patch

GENIVI is both an Automotive Alliance and an Open Source project. All GENIVI's code is open for contribution. If you'd like to send a patch you'll likely follow the same procedure any other Open Source project would follow. Those steps are;

1. Format your patch with git-format
1b. Ideally you'd have a bug number in GENIVI's bug tracker that you're referring
2. Add some description about the code, what it does and why its needed
3. Many smaller patches are easier to merge than giant patches
4. Send your patch to the relevant mailing list or via a Pull Request in GitHub

It's important to provide a certificate of origin like the Linux kernel requires. Of course the assumption is that you'll accept the terms that GENIVI's software is licensed under, that's usually the MPLv2 but please double check and review before you send your code so you're absolutely clear.

See also: git email setup for tips on setting up email for working with patches in a corporate environment


GENIVI source code is available here.

GENIVI git repo quality checks