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Abstract - Gunnar & Philippe

To be filled in the end


Introduction - Giovanni

Write about the importance of Autosar, of interdomain communication,

of IVI systems. Introduce the trends for the major technologies

used, ara::com, Franca, CommonAPI, SomeIP. Possibility to recall the POLL.

Speak about problems related with manual implementation: errors,

slow developement, decrease of reusability, etc...



Multiple transports mechanisms, serializations and protocols are used today for inter-domain communication. There are a lot of communication protocols available, each one with different focus.

Many times, we have to adapt to different communication protocols and add business logic in the middle, in order to respect the requirements from both sides of the communication.

The result is a lot of boilerplate code, mainly handling request/responses and publish/subscribe mechanisms, deserializing payload, reserizalizing it again and sending it.

Writing such code is tedious and – worse – is prone to human errors. Engineering time takes a big slice of the cost cake also because of such tasks, and this increases the cost of the product for development and validation.


The Tool – Itemis (10 lines)

Say hello to Franca model-to-model transformations!

Introduce the solution adopted by GENIVI. Describe teorethically

how Franca/CommonAPI/SomeIP/ara::com are used together. Describe the tools

command line and graphical that are/will be in development. Diagrams.


Demonstrator - Christopher

Describe the demonstrator. Describe the specific setup, with the interfaces

used and how they are connected and how the tool is used in this case.

Diagrams. Describe the flow of development.

Describe the percentage of code generated vs. manually written. Stress

on the absence of the errors coming from manual adaptation of transports/protocol.

Describe future possibilities and alternative scenarios in which such solution could be used.


Next Steps – Klaus (Itemis) TBC?

Write about known limitations but in a positive way


Conclusion – Gunnar & Philippe

Recall how much is better to use such tool and in general the approach of

model-to-model transformation instead of adapting every single interface.

Remind to check the GENIVI site for more about this topic and updates.