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  • Homie: Although it is suggested to be home IoT-oriented, it is generic enough to provide structured data interface for IoT communication, which falls in the scope of Car to Cloud.
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Introduction – Car2Cloud Solutions for car platforms

This introduction is taken from a note prepared by Bosch.


  • GENIVI intends to define a reference SW architecture and middleware components to harmonize vehicle state and sensor information gathering with the generic IoT approach and cloud based application. The reference architecture targets also the infrastructure side of V2X scenario
  • Doing this, it is a given that existing standards and protocols will determine the architecture. In addition, a close connection to existing alliances and working group will be perused.
  • Consistency with safety related V2X application will be a major concern in this approach. Therefor the GENIVI V2X activities will be embedded into the GENIVI Domain interaction strategy. 

Related Events

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Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) and the Navigation Data Standard Association (NDS),
12-13 June, 2019, in Munich

  • OADF Meeting, June 12, 2019
  • 1st NDS Public Conference, June 13
  • NDS General Assembly 2019, June 13 (NDS members)


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