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Not all discussions are / have been minuted but this is a page that is available to keep some public notes.

Minutes September 05, 2019'19, 2019


  • Erika Anden
  • Dirk Leopold (Itemis)
  • Till Fischer (Itemis)
  • Bevan Watkiss (Irdeto)
  • Gunnar Andersson (GENIVI)
  • Philippe Robin (GENIVI)
  • Steve Crumb
  • Ziv Levi (Arilou) (was not introduced.  Participated part of the time)


Dirk: I think the primary motivation for participating (in the Security Evaluation Framework project) is that the ISO/SAE 21434 will basically make it mandatory. 

...Is it truly mandatory?

Erika:  To my understanding it is at first optional to follow this, but over time this might change.

Dirk: Yes, I think it becomes a kind of expected behavior.  If some companies do this analysis, others will be expected to also do it (to be protected in case of a problem).  Also, (things like this) tends to enter the value chain, so OEMs require it from suppliers, etc.

There is a flowchart from 21434 that is very useful and roughly the basis.  The ISO spec content should not be reproduced to parties that have not licensed a copy of it.  The flow chart is useful for discussion but should be avoided for a future publication of the (sub)project charter.

We worked to improve the draft charter/description of this subproject (limited access to active group participants for the moment).  Results are shown on the page.

Minutes September 05, 2019


  • Bastien Kruck (Itemis)
  • Mike Nunnery
  • Bevan Watkiss (Irdeto)
  • Bastian Kruck (Itemis)
  • Till Fischer (Itemis)
  • Gunnar Andersson (GENIVI)
  • Philippe Robin (GENIVI)
  • Steve Crumb (part time)