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CommonAPI C++ is a C++ framework for interprocess and network communication. The basic objective is not to provide a new mechanism for interprocess or network communication (IPC), but to define a high-level C ++ API, which can be used for different mechanisms. The benefit for C ++ developers should be that they are relieved from details of proprietary or little-known communication frameworks or protocols. On the other hand, of course, a certain learning curve must be mastered. To make this curve as shallow smooth as possible there exist some documents (for a first introduction see e.g. This wiki intends to illuminate some aspects even closer as it is possible in the user guide. Even if the content at the beginning should still be a bit thin, I'm trying to answer over time as many questions as possible that might come up in the context of CommonAPI, so do not hesitate to write comments or ask questions in the comment fields of the wiki pages. If you really suspect a bug, please create a ticket at (the product is CommonAPI for IPC).