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  1. The event enjoyed just under 700 registrants, 419 of which participated in the event in one way or another.  These numbers represent a significant increase in participation from our earlier virtual event in May.
  2. Roger Lanctot's (Strategy Analytics) session entitled "Google Automotive Impact Statement" was the most popular session followed closely by the panel entitled, "Three Vehicle Software Trends & What the Industry Should Do About Them" and a panel entitled, "Why the Industry Needs a Common Vehicle Interface Initiative".  
  3. The entire program of 27 October was dedicated to an emerging activity called the Common Vehicle Interface Initiative or CVII.  In the previously mentioned (#2) panel, Renault, Volvo Cars and Ford all presented views on why CVII could benefit them and the industry broadly.  The workshops continued the discussion, including a presentation by W3C CEO Jeffrey Jaffe.  
  4. The GENIVI Security Team put together a great program consisting of 8 sessions on various topics related to cybersecurity in automotive.  The program included a wide variety of topics like: data privacy, ISO 21434 and UNECE WP.29, increased complexity of cybersecurity control, false perceptions in media and vehicle forensics.

  5. The GENIVI discussion around in-vehicle payments advanced significantly through a great panel moderated by Connected Travel with panelists from BMW, Mastercard, HERE Technologies and Postmates. 
  6. The GENIVI Android Automotive Special Interest Group (SIG) held two workshops to advance work on their audio hardware abstraction layer and vehicle hardware abstraction layer activities.
  7. GENIVI employed the Swapcard tool that enabled a virtual showcase of 15 participants and facilitated nearly 2000 connection requests between participating individuals.  While this was not like a face-to-face meeting, there was significant networking going on, which is always a highlight of GENIVI events.
  8. The program on 29 October included a second CVII workshop at a more Asia-friendly time followed by a productive workshop by the GENIVI Cloud and Connected Services projects.  Both of these projects hold real promise for impacting the future of car to cloud connectivity as well as introducing a standard vehicle data model and services catalog. 
  9. GENIVI recognized three Most Valuable Contributors (MVCs) during the event including: Joby Jester, Solutions Architect, Connected Transport at Irdeto, for his leadership of the GENIVI Security Team and Piotr Krawczyk and Stefan Wysocki, both Software Architects at TietoEvry for their leadership and contributions to the Android Automotive Special Interest Group.
  10. And last but certainly not least, GENIVI wishes to thank Genesis and LG for their kind and generous support as sponsors of the event.