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Thirty-four companies attended and heard content following three main themes: integrating the automotive and payment ecosystems, use cases related to EV-charging and trends in voice biometrics for commerce and authentication.  John Moon, GENIVI IVP-SIG Lead, opened the workshop with the purpose and goals for the GENIVI IVP-SIG as well as an overview of the IVP ecosystem.  Anthony Petit, Director of Internet of Things at Visa, kicked off continued the workshop with a presentation about the challenges and opportunities of more seamless integration of payments in the vehicle.  His presentation was followed by a Q&A session with Chris Budzynski, Director of Utility Policy at ExcelonExelon, who provided a view of the priorities facing an energy provider in the emerging EV world.  This was followed by a presentation by Boris Polania, Lead System Architect, e-Mobility Services at American Honda Motor Company, who spoke about "Takers and Givers", the use case of EV's not just consuming but providing power to the grid, and how that might affect payments.  Finally, Daniel Thornhill, SVP Global Pre-Sales for ValidSoft, presented the emergence of voice as both a means of executing commerce in the vehicle, as well as authenticating the purchaser by means of voice biometrics.

Slides for most of the presentations are available on the IVP SIG wiki page.  The IVP SIG is proceeding with additional activities including:

  • May 4-7th 2021 - IVP & EV Charging panels and workshop discussions during the upcoming GENIVI Virtual AMM (All Member Meeting) 
  • June 8-10th 2021 - GENIVI at TU Automotive FOCUS Vehicle Commerce Conference (GENIVI IVP-SIG participants receive a 25% discount for this event - Ask Mike for details).

Additionally, GENIVI IVP-SIG is cooperating with TU-Automotive on a survey on IVP technologies and approaches, in preparation for the June vehicle commerce conference.  You can participate in the survey here