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by Steve Crumb, Executive Director of GENIVI Alliance

Steve Crumb (COVESA)

Matt Jones (Wind River)

GENIVI Evolution: Accelerating the future of Connected Vehicle Systems
Presented by: Matt Jones, Chairman, GENIVI Alliance

Keynote: The connected vehicle - how data enables innovation
Presented by: Christoph Ludwig, VP, OEM Europe at GeoTab

Video not availableChristoph Ludewig (Geotab)

Keynote: The Software-Defined Car
Presented by: Daniel Krippner, Technical Lead for the Software-Defined Vehicle at Robert Bosch GmbH

Video not availableDaniel Krippner (Bosch)

Who Decides the Future of Connected Vehicles?
Join us for a fireside chat with Scott McCormick & Steve Crumb

Fireside Chat: Who Decides the Future of Connected Vehicles?

Scott McCormick (CVTA)

Steve Crumb (COVESA)


Technical Track Welcome

Steve Crumb (COVESA)

CVII Session 1 – Specification Work Update
This session will give an overview of all CVII activities and the roadmap towards the stated CVII goals of establishing a common data and services models

CVII Session 1 – Specification Work Update

Gunnar Andersson (COVESA)

Erik Jägervall (Bosch)

Daniel Wilms (BMW)

CVII Session 2 -Why Vehicles Need Event-based Systems
This session will present and discuss ongoing implementation projects/specifications that relate to the Technology Stack, that enables uses of VSS / common data model and VSC

Gunnar Andersson (COVESA)

Magnus Feuer (FeuerWorks)

Thomas Spreckley (Bosch)

CVII Session 3 – Alignment and Adoption (eSync, OPIN, IoT/AOS)
This important session is all about progress towards alignment and adoption of a common data model, represented by the adoption of the current VSS format.

CVII Session 3 – Alignment and Adoption (eSync, OPIN, IoT/AOS)

Gunnar Andersson (COVESA)

Mark Singer (eSync Alliance)

Neil Walker (Covéa Insurance)


TITLE (Track: Android Automotive SIG and Cloud & Connected Services)VIDEO LINKSSLIDESSPEAKERS

CVII / Android Automotive SIG, Vehicle-HAL

  • Introduction / recapitulation of AASIG-VHAL work
  • Demonstration of VSS to Android Automotive properties translation from/to VSS
    • VSS to Android HAL code-generator development
Session video

Stefan Wysocki  (TietoEvry) 

Manu Kemppainen  (Bittium)

Android Automotive SIG, Audio HAL

  • Audio development environment overview

  • Demonstration of audio development environment

  • AVB vs A2B comparison

Session video

AASIG-Audio Design (pptx)

AASIG-Audio Demonstration Intro (pptx)

AVB_A2B (pptx)

Piotr Krawczyk  (TietoEVRY)

Harikrishna Sagala  (Analog Devices) 

Cloud and Connected Services

  • Introduction to CCS and recent updates (part 1)
  • Geotab usage of VSS data (part 2)
  • Introduction and demonstration of conversion tools (part 3)
  • VISS server implementation Feature update and demonstration
    • Access Control & Curve Logging
      (part 4)
  • Data model usage and alignment in ISO Extended Vehicle (part 5)

Intro (video)

Geotab usage of VSS data (video)

Geotab conversion tool demo (video)

VISS server tool demo on Access Control and Curve Logging (video)

ISO Extended Vehicle (video)

Intro (pptx)

Geotab usage of VSS data (pptx)

(no separate slides – see video)

(no separate slides – see video)

ISO Extended Vehicle (pdf)

Gunnar Andersson  (COVESA)

Ted Guild  (Geotab)

Ulf Bjorkengren  (Geotab)


Florian Pinzel (DENSO) <f.pinzel AT>