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What is the GENIVI Demo Platform?

The GENIVI Demo Platform is a technology demonstrator.

  • It showcases a concrete and live incarnation of the GENIVI software and design.
  • It is made available as a starter kit that can be publicly downloaded and customized by the wider developer community.

How do I use the GENIVI Demo Platform?

The software of the GENIVI Demo Platform can be downloaded from a variety of Open Source locations.
The GENIVI Demo Platform supports commercial hardware references.
The instructions to download the software, order the hardware and setup the Demo are provided.
Tutorials describing how to modify the Demo (in the application layer or in the kernel space) are also provided.

How do I contribute to the GENIVI Demo Platform?

The GENIVI Demo Platform is a public GENIVI OSS project and any individual is welcome to contribute

Release cycle

The GENIVI Demo platform is maintained by the GENIVI Alliance. Its release cycle is aligned with the GENIVI compliance release cycle and with the GENIVI Baselines release cycle.


High Level Block Diagram

I-YGDP block-diagram.jpg

Major Software components

The GENIVI Demo Platform (GDP) includes, but is not limited to, the below list of components:

The assembly of those components is proposed in the form of a GENIVI Demo Platform recipes building with the Yocto GENIVI Baseline. See Releases.


Yocto Baseline

The Intrepid Yocto GENIVI Demo Platform aligns itself with the Intrepid Yocto GENIVI Baseline (YGB), which is based on the meta-ivi layer version 7.0, that in turn aligns itself to the GENIVI compliance specification version 7.0 (Intrepid) and the Yocto Project version 1.7 (dizzy).

QEMU (x86-64)
Renesas R-Car M2 Koelsch and Porter Boards
MinnowBoard MAX (Intel-based development board)

Baserock Baseline

The Baserock GENIVI Demo Platform is based on Baserock 15.25, which includes the Baserock GENIVI Jupiter J-0.1 Baseline, that aligns itself with the GENIVI compliance specification version 8.0 (Jupiter).

Nvidia Jetson (ARM development board)

Experimental Releases

These releases are work in progress by independent contributors and are not supported by the GDP maintainers.

EXPERIMENTAL: Raspberry Pi 2 (Baserock)
EXPERIMENTAL: Raspberry Pi 2 (Yocto)

GENIVI Demo Platform running on the Renesas M2 Koelsch board

Space contributors



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