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Participants: Jeremiah Foster, Philippe Robin, Gianpaolo Macario, Klaus Birken, Gunnar Andersson (old account, disabled)Unknown User (toscalix)

Wed Feb 10th at 10:00 UTC
Channel: Webex


  1. Goals for Q1/Q2 - Agustin
  2. Git strategy - Philippe
  3. Space for download images - Jeremiah
  4. JIRA vs Github bug tracker - Philippe
  5. SDK for GDP - Gunnar
  6. Goals for TT


  • double the amount of users/agent
  • Sponsored go agents by members
  • Test agents
  • Maintaining pipeline for each component
  • Migrating go server to new server.
  • How are we going to download images and artifacts? No strong preference.
  • Gunnar outlines the steps that need to be taken, member companies need to arrive at the conclusion that they are ready to participate.


  • Provide a development environment for developers to produce apps on top of GDP. Target a VM or installer. This environment as GENIVI product associated with GDP release.
  • Contribution based project.
  • Goal: have a plan and roadmap. Start execution.
  • Gunnar: Give input to the SDK first, but it would be my preference to begin to contributing the individual components and grow it organically.

3. Git strategy

  • Git strategy can be a part of the tools team 
  • We do not see GitHub move as a need right now.
  • Include it as a topic for the tools team.
  • Provide our opinion as tool team about the proposal.
  • Recommendations about how to proceed.
  • Bring JLR to a tools team meeting to discuss the proposal. (Please see JLR's meeting minutes below. Also, they are mostly on the West Coast of USA so its difficult for them to join) Jeremiah Foster
  • This is going to be a discussion at the AMM but the  tools team is also a place to discuss this. Agustin notes that whatever is decided around the git branching strategy ought to be connected to "best practices". It was noted that it is difficult  to force contributors to adopt a particular workflow with git, they have to coordinate with their established workflow.
  • Please also see the discussion on GENIVI mailling list:

3. Download infrastructure

  • We need a solution as download site. The current one is the right one.
  • Domain name
  • Move the discussion to PMO.
  • Mail to PMO with the discussions we think it should take place.
  • Urgent topic
  • Discussion on where to have the downloadable binary, doesn't feel appropriate. Gunnar noted
    that it is difficult to get an overview of GENIVI's IT
    infrastructure. There was some short discussion on the existing set up
    of GENIVI's IT infra, but it was felt that the PMO is the right forum for IT
    infrastructure discussion.

4. JIRA vs Github bug tracker

  • If a given organization was to use GitHub for hosting repos, is
    it then a requirement to use GitHub's issue tracker? The feeling
    was that it is a good practice and well established practice to
    use GitHub for git repo hosting, but Continuous Integration
    tooling and issue tracking from other services is both accepted
    and often better.

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