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GENIVI Tools Team Meeting

Participants: Klaus, Philippe, Gunnar and Agustin


  • Git Strategy, technical discussion (45 min)


Webex call



  • Not enough content in the recommendations wiki page. It will keep private to Tools meetings participants until the draft for discussion is ready.
  • Background provided to those who did not participate in the previous call.
  • Agreed on the need to have another meeting where those who participated on the previous meeting would assist also.
  • Agreement on how to proceed.
    • Everybody adds content
    • New meeting to discuss the content on Thursday or Friday
    • Mail to the mailing list to discuss requirements and priorities on Friday the latest.
    • Recommendations for PMO on Tuesday.
  • Agreement in separating priorities discussion from requirements discussion
    • Each one of us will add a column to the current table to express opinions about priorities.

Action points

  • Everybody to add content in the wiki page
  • Agustin to schedule a new meeting



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