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Tools Team meeting

  • Wed 24th February 2016Tools team
  • Call through webex
  • Participants:  Jeremiah (thanks for creating the intro doc for the discussion), Gunnar, Gianpaolo, Stephen and Agustin




This call was to discuss so we present here the agreements and relevant points of view, not the individual opinions.

1.- Git strategy


  • Discussion about how to face the request from PMO, due March 8th.
  • Although participants have a wide experience with most of the tools presented by the intro work from Jeremiah, TT would like to discuss the requirements before presenting any recommendation related with tools.
    • The fact that different companies uses some of these tools proves that most options could be valid for GENIVI from the features point of view, at least.
    • Agreement on the need to ensure smooth integration with our current tools: private/public Confluence/JIRA and specially.
  • Agreement on the fact that the self hosted vs third party provided infrastructure/service has some strategic implications out of our scope as Tools Team.
    • This decision should be strongly linked to the level of investment GENIVI decide to put in this area, in our opinion.
  • General agreement around guidance/best practices/recommendations vs rules in terms of development/review processes.
  • There is a general consensus around the benefits of using Gerrit for GENIVI.

Next steps

  • Next meeting will be a call again so we close the recommendations for PMO.
  • TT will present them to the project mailing list.
  • TT will recap the feedback and provide PMO the final document.

2.- Goals follow up


  • Epics has been created
    • ACTION item for those who has tasks assigned: please link your task to one of the created Epics or write Agustin suggesting an extra epic for them.

3.- 14th AMM TT session


  • PMO requires an abstract of the session.
    • ACTION: agustin will create it based on our 4 goals.
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