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The purpose of this document is to explain how to quickly setup the hardware and install the GENIVI Dev Platform (GDP) on the Intel Minnowboard boards. These instructions are applicable for MAX and Turbot versions.

Intel Minnowboard

Please refer to this link for detailed hardware specifications.

Download or build

Download or build Minnowboard according to instructions on GDP Master page.

SD-card / hardware Setup

Deploy on Minnowboard using 'dd'

The build output for Minnowboard produces an 'hddimg' file which can directly be written to an SD card using 'dd'

Example (command is executed on a PC):

sudo dd if=genivi-dev-platform-intel-corei7-64.hddimg of=/dev/<device> bs=4M

That should be it.

Boot the device

  1. With the boot device provisioned, you can insert the media into the MinnowBoard-MAX and boot. It should detect the media and boot to the bootloader and subsequently the OS automatically, if not, you can do so manually from the EFI shell as follows:
    Shell> connect -r
    Shell> map -r
    Shell> fs0:
    FS0:\> bootx64
  2. Logon the genivi-dev-platform
    username: root
    password: root
  3. You can connect to the MinnowBoard MAX using some of the ftdi serial cables , or ssh as root with a known IP address 

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