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toscalix=== GENIVI Tools Team Weekly Meeting ===10:00
toscalix* After the proposal for the Board, we will go back to normal business. We will start today with a status update of the current goals/tasks.10:00
toscalixLink to kanban:
toscalixParticipants: please raise "your voice"10:00
* toscalix here10:00
toscalixgmacario: here10:01
gmacarioGood to me10:01
*** kooltux__ has joined #automotive10:01
toscalixhummm.... I wonder if people is at the webex meeting10:02
*** bruce_ has joined #automotive10:02
toscalixlet's start then10:03
toscalixgmacario: you have 2 tasks in review state10:03
toscalixshould you review them or somebody else?10:03
toscalixTool-61 and TOLL-2110:04
gmacarioI have asked Gunnar, Pedro and the other maintainers to have a look10:05
gmacariobut so far haven't heard anything back10:05
gmacarioThis is TOOL-2110:05
gmacarioJust read Gunnar comments here10:05
toscalixI will ping pedroalvarez about it so he provides opinion. Also CTtpollard and jonathanmaw might have one10:06
CTtpollardI'm aware of the ticket10:07
gmacarioNot easy to figure out JIRA username when commented a ticket ;-(10:07
toscalixso gmacario can I move the ticket back to In progress until more people provide input, before moving it to review by the reporter?10:08
*** klausbirken has joined #automotive10:08
*** kooltux__ has quit IRC10:08
klausbirkenHi all, sorry to be late10:08
toscalixhi klausbirken10:08
gmacarioFor TOOL-61 I released v0.01
toscalixwe are going over the tasks10:08
toscalixso close it?10:09
gmacariobut I cannot progress more as I have no admin rights on to compare with10:09
gmacarioI would rather reassign to someone with admin rights on to verify10:09
toscalixthen I would assign the ticket to gunnar with the request10:09
gmacarioOK for me if gunnar agrees of course10:10
toscalixsince he is not here, let's skip TOOL-4310:10
toscalixand move on to In progress tasks10:11
toscalixTOOL-9 is on my plate, slow progress10:11
gmacarioregarding the other tickets I have in progress I commented today their status10:11
*** gunnarx has joined #automotive10:11
toscalixdo you need something from me in any of them?10:11
toscalixor from klaus?10:11
gunnarxOh, no Webex today?10:12
toscalixnot today. The idea is to provide status and ask for help if there are blockers10:13
toscalixgunnarx: now that you are here, tool-21 is waiting for more input10:14
gunnarxI see gmacario intends to close an issue I opened :)10:14
toscalixwe discussed earlier10:14
gunnarxI just addedd some :)10:14
toscalixyou have tool-43 in review state10:14
toscalixany comment on that one?10:14
gunnarx"At this point i'm not seeing any concern with what we have set up but GDP maintainers can of course look over the pipelines and adjust guest visibility if needed. (N.B. Pedro is admin)"10:15
toscalixfeel free top close it then10:15
gunnarxI think we need a dedicated discussion on improving pipelines with GDP maintainers10:15
toscalixgunnarx: agree10:15
toscalixor earlier?10:16
toscalixit could be part of our session at AMM?10:16
gunnarxAny volunteers to hack (Java) on an improved login frontend?10:16
paulsherwoodPedro is admin? when/how did that happen? :)10:16
gunnarxWhen we started up the site10:16
gunnarxI've been asking if codethink want to provide an alternative person maybe10:17
paulsherwoodiirc you were seeking 3 companies to contribute originally....10:17
paulsherwoodis it only codethink, now?10:17
gunnarxadmin means co-admin here.  I'm still main admin now10:17
gunnarxWhether from CT or other, we need a fall-back if main admin is unavailable.10:17
gunnarxthat's all.10:18
toscalixso let's move on then10:18
gunnarxpaulsherwood, shall I remove Pedro altogether or keep for the moment10:19
paulsherwoodup to him, i think10:19
toscalixkeep it since once in awhile we need clean up10:19
toscalixin our pipeline10:19
toscalixsince we are using it10:19
toscalixis a practical thing for us10:19
toscalixIn progress tasks10:20
gunnarxTool-43 If no volunteers to improve login page, are we OK with the current status?10:20
gunnarxI think others should weigh in on the review.10:20
toscalixno volunteers, no action10:20
toscalixclose task. It can be re-opened if somebodu shows up10:21
toscalixgmacario: updated his tasks10:21
toscalixany question to him about any of the tasks currently assigned to him?10:21
gunnarxneed to filter the tasks then, hold on10:23
toscalixI like the fack that tool-66 uses GDP-92 as example10:23
gunnarxtbh I've not had time to check the latest comments on those tasks10:23
toscalixTool-54: PMO requested an additional bit of work10:24
toscalixI will work on it this week.10:24
gmacario"We need an abstract to attract people to the session" :-)10:24
toscalixgmacario: would you be ok to review it?10:24
gunnarxTool-66 would be nice but Go is a bit different than Jenkins here.  Probably need a real design session on this.10:24
toscalixonce I finish it?10:24
gmacarioWell I feel already attracted :P10:24
gmacarioAnyway yes sure10:24
toscalixgmacario: thanks10:25
gunnarxIt also plays into how agents are provisioned, and that depends on the companies offering them.  How secure they need them etc.  Is it acceptable for agents to execute any container defined by external party?  and so on.  not as easy as it might seem10:25
gunnarx^^ Tool 6610:26
gunnarxWe move fast here, hard to keep up.  OK checking tool 5410:26
toscalixgmacario: any comment about what gunnarx just mentioned related to TOOL-66?10:27
gmacarioI will take this offline and comment on TOOL-66, anyway I have limited knowledge on Go.CD to comment10:27
gunnarxTool-54, no problem I can support writing abstract (and some slide content) for and maybe git10:27
toscalixgmacario: thanks10:28
toscalixgunnarx: thanks10:28
toscalixonce we finish the description, the next step is to start with the slides10:28
toscalixany other In progress task worth commenting here?10:29
*** fredcadete has joined #automotive10:29
gunnarxno I don't have more comments.  but that's probably due to poor preparation10:31
toscalixLet's move on to the ToDo list10:31
gunnarxI need to find time to go through all.  And it won't be today it looks like.10:31
toscalixconcentrate on one then that calls your attention10:31
toscalixI have dig a little more into JIRA/Confluence and I haven't found a way to make kanban and dashboards public. I just added a ping to Joel about this10:32
gunnarxsorry, not great10:32
gunnarxI think the consensus is that publishing Kanban is not supported by Atlassian10:33
*** klausbirken1 has joined #automotive10:33
toscalixTOOL-14: I wonder if with the recommendations this task should be alive or not10:33
*** klausbirken has quit IRC10:33
toscalixgunnarx: ah10:33
gunnarxI could imagine some digging into possibility of some macro/query from Confluence to JIRA10:33
toscalixgunnarx: I thought about it too#10:34
gunnarxI'm thinking with appropriate queries, Confluence might display at least a kind of dashboard, maybe not exactly the same format10:34
gunnarxAnd if all else fails, script all the things! (tm) ;-)10:34
klausbirken1Sorry, we have network problems here, I keep getting disconnected.10:35
toscalixgunnarx: gmacario: what do you think about TOOL-1410:36
paulsherwoodtoscalix: i did TOOL-33, but IIRC it was decided at PMO to drop it... now it's todo again?10:36
toscalixdid the recommendation cover this already10:36
gmacarioIs there anything else beyond integrating Gerrit with
toscalixpaulsherwood: no. I will close it then10:36
gmacarioI mean, putting this into production10:37
gmacario^^ TOOL-1410:37
gunnarxTool-14 needs a definition of done.  There are comments about integrating build ( with review (gerrit/pull-requests).  If we want to do that it is a project in and of itself.10:37
gunnarxI think that's still a valid direction to pursue10:38
gunnarxi.e. build tool reporting if a change request builds successfully.  but it's not the same feature as "code review" performed by humans.10:38
gunnarxwhich purpose does Tool-14 have, or is it both?  I would consider breaking it down to managable pieces.10:39
toscalixThe description was about chossing and recommending a code review tool compatible with go.cd10:39
toscalixWe did, right?10:39
gmacarioOK so shall we track it  actual IMPLEMENTATION somewhere else?10:40
toscalixgmacario: we need first a decision10:40
gunnarxYes but I think the BoD gave a general direction to go in.  You saw my email?10:40
gmacarioDecision from whom?10:40
toscalixso I would open a new ticket once the decision is taken10:41
gmacarioThe ticket should exists already: implement whatever decision10:41
toscalixdepending on the strategy decision about externalising or not some services10:41
toscalixwe will implement a tool or another10:41
gmacarioTo me it is better to state we need this implemented, by whom it is not currently decided yet so the ticket is unassigned10:42
gmacariobut will block something else I am afraid10:42
toscalixgmacario: I will open a new ticket for the implementation then and close this one10:42
toscalixgunnarx: ?10:42
toscalixklausbirken1: ?10:43
gunnarxtrying to keep up...10:43
klausbirken1fine for me10:43
toscalixthat is my input so far on tasks10:44
gunnarxSometimes another approach might be to comment, what is the concrete next step.  And/or add new sub-items.10:44
toscalixdo you have any other comment on tasks that are in the ToDo or Analysis columns?10:44
gunnarxI feel we often close and reopen new tickets on stuff that is very related...10:44
toscalixgunnarx: I will relate the new ticket with this one.10:45
toscalixthorugh the Relate link section10:45
toscalixbut otherwise I would have to rearrange the title and description and then old comments might get out of context10:46
gunnarxI understand, but it still means a whole lot of clicking around.  On this ticket very important info from Pedro that relates to actual implementation.  I think we need to work together on the quality of our tickets and bring them to conclusion10:46
gmacarioRe: TOOL-62 is it done now right?10:46
gunnarxYes I would agree.  A recommendation was done.10:46
gmacarioAnd the BoD gave their input, right?10:47
gmacarioIs that tracked somewhere?10:47
toscalixcommenting on tool-64, closing it so tool-62 can also be closed10:47
gunnarxLet's add it as comment for tracking.  Shall I do it?10:47
toscalixgo ahead please10:48
toscalixI just commented Tool-6410:49
toscalixso all subtasks are done now10:49
gunnarxok, I will comment tool 62 with more background10:50
gunnarxand close it10:50
toscalixtool-56 was left behind. Updated10:52
toscalixI have nothing more to add10:52
gmacarioMe neither10:53
toscalixklausbirken1: gunnarx ?10:53
gunnarxupdating Tool-62 now10:53
gunnarxI think there's work to do there, if I get any time I'll prepare a number of bullet points of what I think needs to happen to make it work10:54
klausbirken1Some of the tool issues are mine, I will try to clean up until next week.10:54
toscalix=== GENIVI Tool Team meeting ends ===
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