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toscalix=== GENIVI Tools Team meeting start ===10:02
philrobHi, all10:02
toscalixApologies for the delay10:02
*** nuohan has quit IRC10:02
toscalix* AMM presentation: preparation10:02
leon-anavihi CTtpollard I have just change the path to cURL and sent "[PATCHv2 0/2] RVI SOTA client"10:02
toscalix* Follow up with tasks10:02
* toscalix here10:03
toscalixtic tac tic tac...10:03
toscalixok, let's start then.10:03
toscalixAMM presentation. Initially this team has 2 presentations: one for a general status update and one to talk about the git policy.10:04
toscalixTalking to philrob about them... I got to the following conclusion10:04
toscalixTools Team widely agree that each dev/delivery team should have its own git strategy10:05
toscalixthat better adapts to their needs10:05
gmacarioAgreed, we should provide TOOLS10:05
toscalixso I wonder if a session that was originally intended to discuss a potential git policy10:05
toscalixfor GENIVI still makes sense10:05
toscalixand if it does, if we can include it in our sessions instead of dedicating one hour to it10:06
toscalixmy fear is to not reach any meaningful conclusion in the session since each maintainer will set up its own strategy10:07
toscalixgmacario: what do you think?10:07
gmacarioI do not see the "git policy" the big topic for the same reasons you mentioned10:08
gmacarioOTOH I see the need of a status update plus a separate working sessions10:08
gmacarioSince I do not expect the status update to be interactive10:08
toscalix30 min / 30 min ?10:08
toscalixor 20 / 40?10:08
gmacarioFor the status update it is enough10:08
gmacarioBut a working session should stay to 1h I guess10:09
gmacarioBased on the update we can have a real discussion (if some other people show up)10:09
*** klausbirken has joined #automotive10:09
klausbirkenHi all, sorry, I am late.10:09
gmacarioOtherwise it will just be another TOOL team meeting, but this time in person10:09
toscalixphilrob: is possible to reduce the status session to 30 min and have a working session (open) of 1 hour?10:10
toscalixand cancel the git policy session?10:10
toscalixyou gain 30 min for other stuff :-)10:10
philrobyes, possible, you can organize the content and even duration of the session as you want since it is scheduled at the end of Thu10:11
philrobwere we talking about the tool F2F session, right ?10:12
toscalixI take that as... we have 1 hour.... organise it as you want10:12
toscalixgmacario: the we can go for a 20 / 40 approach10:12
toscalixon Thursday to everybody10:12
gmacarioSo you want to have the status update + working session in one place?10:13
gmacariophilrob: I expected the TOOL status update was on Tuesday as the other EG10:13
gmacarioI do not see a point of having a status update on Thursday afternoon!10:14
philrobyes, there will be a status update on Tuesday as part of the group status overview10:14
toscalixsold then10:14
*** Sisco has quit IRC10:14
gmacarioOK so we are done and we keep the Thursday only for a working session10:14
toscalixstatuys on tuesday and working session on thursday and we cancel the git policy session?10:14
toscalixFine then... now, talking about the working session, do you have ideas about the goal?10:15
gmacarioOnly the brave ones will show up on Thu afternoon!10:15
toscalixwelll....and those who have to show up on friday10:15
gmacarioCollect requirements from non-regular members?10:15
*** Sisco_ has joined #automotive10:16
gmacarioDon't forget we are in Paris!10:16
gmacarioAnd there may be a lot of distractions :P10:16
toscalixI hope so... or I won't resist the weel :-P10:16
toscalixI am interested in knowing what tools are the companies who are developing the modules using. It could be a good input for genivi10:17
klausbirkenWe had this survey earlier in 201510:18
toscalixklausbirken: I did not know. Link?10:18
klausbirkenI have to dig…10:18
toscalixanything else as goal?10:18
gmacarioIf nobody show up we can do some hackfest10:19
klausbirkenhere it is:
gmacarionobody except the usual suspects I mean10:19
toscalixgmacario: fine with me10:19
klausbirkenPaul Sherwood will have the raw data10:19
toscalixI will find out then, thanks10:20
gmacarioBut let's make a good advertisement to attract non-regular members to the working session10:20
gmacariothe hackfest should be a backup plan IMHO10:20
toscalixany other comment on the sessions?10:21
klausbirkenMaybe we should pick some of the (more complicated) tool issues from the tracker and discuss them / trying to finalize them10:21
toscalixshould we meet before the workshop session to prepare it?10:22
toscalixduring the event?10:22
toscalixwe will prepare it in advance....but the details10:22
gmacarioDuring the week it might be hard10:22
gmacarioMaybe a telco/webex on Wed instead10:23
toscalixwe can dedice in the last tools team meeting10:23
toscalixbefore the event, depending on our level of preparation10:23
toscalixanything else on this topic?10:23
gmacarioNot from me10:24
toscalixlet's move on then...10:24
toscalixtasks.... any update?10:24
toscalixI have none, I am afraid10:24
gmacarioI updated my assigned tasks10:24
klausbirkenI also have none… working on new Franca features in order to present them in Paris :-)10:25
gmacarioand created one which I took for myself:
klausbirkengerrithub sounds interesting, never heard about this10:25
toscalixwith the above I will do TOOL-5410:25
toscalixgmacario: interesting10:26
gmacarioI hope to have some results before the AMM10:27
gmacarioBy using it on a daily basis on a few projects I have on github10:27
toscalixtogether with the investigation on + might close the circle10:27
toscalixany other task to talk about?10:28
gmacarioMe neither10:29
toscalix== GENIVI Tolls Team Meeting Ends ==
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