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GENIVI-OCF call 15 April 2016 - 7am CET

Samsung: Sanjeev (Samsung OSG), Philippe Coval (Samsung OSG)
JLR: Anson Fan
GENIVI: Philippe R

Apologies: Gunnar

code repo:;a=summary

Agenda items
- work status, review of action items
- AMM showcase & presentation

*Work status*

Philippe Coval's update

has prepared a demo on the smart phone Tizen Z1 showing the position of the car
intends also to do a demo of GDP on a minnowboard showing the control of a small fan as a connected device
the demo on Gear S1 is working
need for 2 wired Ethernet access on the showcase table
PhilR will contact Mike Nunnery for this
*info* PhilC will present the demo of GDP with the fan in an event in France showing the Open Source Vehicle

Sanjeev's update
GOCF-10 Develop IoTivity based Android app.
had a testing issue on wifi access with some devices, had reserved a timeslot on Friday 15 April with Samsung wireless lab to carry out an investigation of the issue
ui is a simple screen app in read-only mode with a refresh button that triggers a status fetch on the vehicle side

GOCF-11 Develop IoTivity based Gear S2 app.
the application delivered by Philippe Coval works but as said above there are wifi access point issues that need to be investigated
icons need also to be improved

Anson's update
GOCF-26 Add functionality to Smarthome Application on GDP
Anson will send an updated ui to Sanjeev, the application is now running on VTC1010


GOCF-21Presentation Material for Genivi Session
review of assignment of topics to presenters
40mn for presentation, 20mn for Q&A
PhilC proposes to show a short video of the GDP running in the Open Source Car
PhilR will contact Magnus F to make sure he can introducte the session on Wed 27 April at 4:15pm CET.
PhilR will send the template for the slide (done)

Sanjeev asked about the liaison with W3C on vehicle data
PhilR: shows the agenda of the W3C Automotive Business Group meeting that will run in parallel to GENIVI tracks at the Paris meeting. The proposal on VSS (Vehicle Signal Specification) from JLR is at the agenda of the W3C ABG meeting 
look at:

Adjourned: 8am CET
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