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GENIVI-OCF call 19 May 2016 - 7am CET
Samsung: Sanjeev (Samsung OSG)
JLR: Anson Fan
GENIVI: Philippe Robin

Apologies: Philippe Coval (Samsung OSG)

recipe repo:
Agenda items
- review of last week's action items and progress report

Philippe: reminds Anson to create a jira ticket as a subtask to GDP-154 to call for a restructuring of the launching of applications based on JLR experience with GDP

Sanjeev's update
Samsung will join W3C/Automotive soon (Sanjeev did the paperwork)
still need the materials for marketing (DONE, sent by PhilR after the call)
did the cleanup of the code base, will commit the code this evening
mobile and gear S2 applications will be hosted on OSG github
gateway code is on genivi github

promotion: blog posted on osg blog official site, look at:

OCF F2F meeting coming up in June, will be in Portland
in July, W3C will organize an automotive business group F2F in Portland
two opportunities to move things forward
Anson: Matt has approved us to participate
Sanjeev: would be ok to advertize the work with the genivi banner

Sanjeev: PhilC suggested to prepare a version of the gateway running inside GDP (and not a separate laptop based execution), Sanjeev intends to do this 
before the upcoming F2F meetings

Sanjeev: at the Spring AMM, W3C ABG decided to go to web sockets instead of  webidl/js in order to get rid of the web runtime
Anson: JLR will change the VSS into web apis and will share the code

preparation of demos in portland
Sanjeev: we need to get confirmation from JLR that they will host the meeting, then will seek clearance from Samsung to ship iot devices to Portland to make a better demo with actual devices

Sanjeev: had a gdp issue with ubuntu a long time ago and did not get a proper answer, it is a blocker for Samsung developers not to be able to build the GDP
Philippe: recommends Sanjeev to file a jira ticket in GDP jira project

Sanjeev: would like to discuss with genivi on v2x
Philippe: the contact person is Magnus Feuer since V2X is in the scope of RVI project

PhilR: please create jira tickets to track all activities discussed, this will help

Adjourned: 7:30am CET

Next call: scheduled on Friday 27 May at 7am CET
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