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GDP 10 on QEMU


Undefined yet

Just started

The goal is to gather the information needed to create a roadmap.

GDP master


June 10th

Re-structuring finished.

Commit stage set up in progress.

Release of Intel Minnowboard


May 18th

(tick)Done: May 18th

GDP-ivi9 port to Intel Minnowboard MAX.

14th AMM Hands on Session


April 27th and 29th

(tick)Done: April 26th and 29th

Hands On Sessions: GDP on Porter and GDP on RPi2. Summary/overview sessions.

GDP-ivi9 release


April 5th

(tick)Done. Tue April 19th

GDP-ivi9 for QEMU, Renesas Porter and RPi2

GDP-ivi9 RC1 release


March 8th 2016

(tick)Done Tue March 8th

GDP-ivi9 RC1 QEMU image

GDP-ivi9 Beta release


Feb 9th 2016

(tick)Done Wed Feb 17th 2016

GDP-ivi9 beta released. Some complementary and analysis tasks are in progress.




  • Robert Marshall joins the team replacing Jonathan Maw: transition 
  • Git repository restructuring: transition done. Commit stage automation of the new structure: in progress.
  • GDP 10 alpha: work in progress

  • New target boards: RPi3 and Silk

  • Othe activities: FSA,


Main activities

  • Git repository re-structuring: GDP-207 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Transition finished (link broken, possible solution: here).
    • Commit stage being set up through GDP-231 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • GDP-10 alpha: GDP-219 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Other activities

  • FSA integration into GDP. New patchset with fixes sent for review: GDP-15 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Webkit for Wyland: testing meta-layer made available by Igalia: GDP-225 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Migration to Github: GDP-189 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Waiting for the last few components repositories to be availabe in GitHub to change GDP in Detail wiki page links in order to consider the task done.
  • Release howto: GDP-144 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Added some lessons learned and from previous releases and changes required for the next one.
  • Completed tasks for archived releases: GDP-228 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Wiki page created to track list of completed tasks per archived release.
    • Tasks added for GDP-ivi8, GDP-ivi9 beta and RC1
  • Proposal: GDP viewed as portfolio (link broken, possible solution here). Link to the document.
    • GDP target groups definition, output per target and critical path.  


Main achievement on the past week:






Repository re-structuring

GDP-207 - Getting issue details... STATUS                                Monday June 6thNow the next step is automate the commit stage, using

GDP-ivi9 port to RPi3

GDP-128 - Getting issue details... STATUS Tuesday June 7thCommunity effort. Thanks!





Unresolved (not discussed last week)

  • none

Solved (from last week’s report issues)

  • none

Next Week Targets

  • GDP 10

    • Progress on GDP 10 on QEMU: GDP-219 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    • Make progress on the GDP 10 roadmap: GDP-209 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Commit stage set up with the new branch structure: GDP-231 - Getting issue details... STATUS