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toscalix=== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting starts ==16:02
toscalix* IT status report (Nicolas 10 min)16:02
toscalix* Git mirror status report (Jeremiah - 5 min)16:02
toscalix* next steps (15 min)16:02
toscalix* Update on the following tasks (In review / in progress): (10 min)16:02
toscalix** Gianpaolo: Tool 23, 5116:02
toscalix** Helmut: Tool 4816:02
toscalix** Gunnar: Tool 74, 7716:02
toscalix* AOB16:02
toscalixGunnar, Gianpaolo and Klaus will not attend16:02
* toscalix here16:03
toscalixjeremiah: steve_l ?16:03
toscalixRzR: ?16:03
toscalixhummm I hope I am not the only one missing in Webex call :-)16:04
*** philrob has joined #automotive16:05
toscalixphilrob: ?16:05
philrobdo we do webex or irc ?16:05
toscalixIRC today16:05
jeremiahYeah, some of us are on Webex already16:05
toscalixah, ok, I am fine with moving to webex16:06
*** gunnarx has joined #automotive16:06
*** gunnarx has joined #automotive16:06
jeremiahOkay, we'll come to IRC now16:06
steve_ltoscalix: I'm just lurking in case I'm asked something, else much to do this week :)16:06
gunnarxWho is participating?16:07
toscalixParticipants: jeremiah steve_l gunnarx /me16:07
gunnarxI know jeremiah toscalix philrob Nick myself, steve_l, ...16:07
toscalixNicholas is not here16:08
gunnarxNo klausb...16:08
toscalixnot today, family issues16:08
toscalixso Gianpaolo16:08
toscalixLet's start16:08
gunnarxso=also in spanish, fyi16:08
*** waltminer has quit IRC16:08
gunnarxAny lurkers feel free to jump in of course.16:09
toscalixWe skip Nicholas report16:09
toscalixof course16:09
gunnarxOK we do it quick and dirty today then?16:09
toscalixGit Mirror status16:09
toscalixjeremiah: ?16:09
jeremiahtoscalix: Can we view TOOL 79?16:09
jeremiahThat has the latest status of git mirror16:09
* gunnarx viewing tool7916:09
toscalixplease all read Tool-79
toscalixJeremiah has added a comment16:10
toscalixjeremiah: should I add this into the description?16:10
toscalixthe comment, I mean16:10
toscalixthe current one is out of date, I guess16:10
jeremiahIf we have consensus around the scope then yes. :-)16:10
jeremiahWhat I think is important is that we're explicitly saying that issue tracking and other GENIVI services that already exist16:11
jeremiahare out of scope16:11
jeremiahThis is so we do not have multiple locations where people are doing work.16:11
gunnarxBut it also deals with two issues?  One is mirroring GENIVI s/w, another is full Yocto build mirror16:11
jeremiahYes, I added that since that was part of the original mirror scope, no?16:12
gunnarxWe never decided I think.16:12
gunnarxI guess it's OK but I'm just concerned the big scope will delay the smaller one.16:12
jeremiahI see having yocto sources and GENIVI sources on the same machine as a benefit16:12
gunnarxIs Nick here?16:12
jeremiahIt should increase build speed and limit build errors16:13
gunnarxIt "should" yes :)16:13
jeremiahat least fetching errors16:13
*** waltminer has joined #automotive16:13
gunnarxFair enough, let's assume it does.16:13
toscalixwe can go first for GENIVI mirroring and then...the rest16:13
gunnarxGood.  I propose split it in two JIRA issues (can't believe I suggest that :-)16:14
gunnarxApparently steve_l had some fetching errors today from GitHub of all places.16:14
toscalixI am interested in testing how much time we save16:14
gunnarxWell who is "we"16:14
toscalixlet's remember that in a glovbal project, the concept of "mirroring at night" is tricky16:14
jeremiahI think then we have a bit of consensus on the scope in any case?16:15
toscalixyes from me16:15
jeremiahThen we can take up the issue of what is the best fit16:15
gunnarxtoscalix, I'm not sure this is the time to open up the whole debate again.  But if you mean the Go CD builds, they need to have reliable local caching of sources also.16:15
jeremiahDo they?16:15
jeremiahThat sounds quite useful then16:15
gunnarxI think they need that yes16:15
jeremiahPerhaps we remove the idea of hosting upstream sources from the scope then if it is already in Go.CD16:15
gunnarxAs of now we are keeping DL_DIR shared on each agent16:16
toscalixI hope "official agents" are also hosted in the new infra16:16
gunnarxIt's not precisely the same, I'm just saying we will save time in other ways.16:16
gunnarxIn terms of availability, there is nothing wrong with another mirror of course.16:16
gunnarxI'd split the item though, one is more urgent.16:16
*** pavelk has joined #automotive16:16
toscalixif anybody opposes, please speak up now16:17
jeremiahYes, the most urgent is getting git repos in place on the PDX machine16:17
gunnarxpavelk, are you opposed to this ?  :-D16:17
toscalixgunnarx: we can do that as subtasks16:17
pavelkgunnarx: sure16:17
gunnarxpavelk just joined and needs to be part of the decision :)16:17
gunnarxOK, set up the subtasks16:17
gunnarxI think to actually progress this we need Nick's input.   Where are we today, what's the time plan?16:18
jeremiahToday Nick is planning the moving of git repos16:18
steve_lmanual git clones of poky are very slow as well so my probs may be local/network16:18
toscalixShould we move on?16:18
jeremiahThe plan is for he and I to begin physically moving source code from LF to PDF16:18
*** ctbruce has quit IRC16:19
toscalixNext topic: next steps16:19
gunnarxtoscalix, Nick was on the WebEx call just now which we killed and moved here.  For next time can you check that he can/will join IRC?16:19
gunnarxIs Roguewave here? :)16:19
toscalixI will16:19
toscalixAfter the intro, I have to come back to them with the next steps16:20
gunnarxLast week's "sales pitch" was totally unexpected for me, tbh16:20
jeremiahMe too16:20
toscalixSo I would like to read your opinion on the tool and how to move forward16:20
gunnarxhave we had any discussion to manage expectations with them?16:20
*** ncontino has joined #automotive16:20
toscalixgunnarx: no16:21
gunnarxI think they should sponsor usage for GENIVI code.  That's what other typical companies do.16:21
gunnarxIn return they get exposure and contact with member companies16:21
jeremiahIs their tool designed to replace coverity and/or Black Duck's scanning?16:21
gunnarxI'm sure they would claim they are not the same of course ;-)16:21
philrobwhy do we want to change coverity ? is it not available anymore ?16:22
toscalixwe do not16:22
gunnarxnot change but complement perhaps?16:22
philrobdo we still use coverity ?16:22
jeremiahAh, these folks make klocwork16:23
pavelkphilrob: coverity is free for foss projects16:23
toscalixThe idea of this action is to evaluate if the tool can be useful for GENIVI and/or Members16:23
toscalixif it to proceed16:23
gunnarxphilrob, only partly, not consistently16:23
gunnarxtoscalix, if you give me the contacts and if you want, I can draft up a suggestion for how they can engage16:23
gunnarx(via email)16:23
philrobgunnarx: thx for answering my question16:23
pavelklast time they tried, klockwork was very cumbersome to use with GENIVI components16:23
gunnarxhow long was it ago pavelk?16:23
toscalixgunnarx: fine with me16:24
gunnarxI also had some vague feeling we have tried it before16:24
jeremiahAnd I wonder how big the delta is between klockwork and coverity.16:24
toscalixAction: Agustin will provide gunnarx contacts from Roguewave16:24
jeremiahWhat do they do that coverity doesn't?16:24
pavelkI never managed to get any kind of comparison between the tools16:24
toscalixjeremiah: we can ask them by mail16:24
gunnarxjeremiah, the more the merrier I'd say.16:24
gunnarxWhen it comes to code quality I am insatiable16:25
toscalixjeremiah: can you provide me questions you have and I will ask them?16:25
toscalixthe same applies to all of you16:25
jeremiahWell, I've asked everything I am qualified to ask. :-)16:25
RzRclang also have a static analyzer16:26
jeremiahThe rest is up to the code quality fanatics16:26
toscalixok then16:26
pavelkjeremiah: welcome to automotive :-)16:26
jeremiahYeah, we use clang's analyzer at work16:26
gunnarx+1 RzR16:26
jeremiahEngineers love clang tools16:26
gunnarxand a code formatter.... :)16:26
jeremiahpavelk: :-)16:26
philrobwhat about cpplint ?16:26
gunnarxjeremiah, and free-software geeks despise them ;-)16:27
toscalixI have no other topics beyond the current tasks In progress or In Review state16:27
*** Tarnyko has quit IRC16:27
jeremiahgunnarx: which is why I have to shut up now.16:27
gunnarxyes let's drop that line of discussion for now16:27
toscalixgunnarx: sent me a review of his....pasting here16:27
toscalixTool-74 (point Go pipelines to to GitHub) :16:28
gunnarxdon't paste me bro16:28
toscalix- No more to do for me right now.  All pipelines that CAN be moved are16:28
toscalixmoved.  I am now waiting only for the remaining projects to move their code16:28
toscalixto GitHub before they can also be handled.16:28
toscalixTherefore I reassigned it to Jeremiah to move that forward.16:28
toscalixTool-77 (Integrate Go and GitHub (pull-requests)):16:28
toscalix- Done.  I don't think I have more to do right now - I have therefore set the16:28
toscalixissue to Review and assigned Tom as responsible for it.  You mentioned this16:28
toscalixmorning there is some feedback from the GDP maintainers, so I suppose we16:28
jeremiahHas anyone used cpplint? I think that actually might be relevant for GENIVI code since we use a lot of C++16:28
toscalixwill have that discussion today.16:28
toscalixtasks, only tasks16:28
toscalixGianpaolo and Helmut are absent so no report from them16:28
toscalixAny question about gunnarx 's report?16:29
philrobjeremiah: thanks for acknowledging my question on cpplint :-)16:29
toscalixYom and Pedro couldn't make it for the GDP call. We will report about Tool-77 next Wed16:29
jeremiahphilrob: Hopefully some experts can chime in here too. :)16:30
toscalixups philrob I am ignoring you today16:30
toscalixnot intentionally, promess16:30
toscalixNo questions...16:30
* jeremiah o_O16:30
toscalixAny other task you want to talk about before AOB ?16:31
gunnarxLet me know when you want to discuss Tool-7716:31
toscalixI will16:31
* jeremiah goes to read 77 quickly16:31
RzRis upgrade to gcc6 planned ?16:32
*** leon-anavi has quit IRC16:32
gunnarxI doubt it :)16:32
toscalixRzR: we are a direvative so.....16:32
jeremiahWon't that come when poky decides to update?16:32
jeremiahGDP=poky + GENIVI source code16:33
gunnarx"is upgrade to clang planned" ?   FTFY16:33
toscalixnext meeting through webex16:33
gunnarxcool, webex that proprietary designer drug we can't live without....16:34
jeremiahIRC is dying, let's move to slack16:34
gunnarxas in the Linux distro?16:34
toscalixjeremiah: github, slack... we will look like web developers16:35
gunnarxGod help us16:35
toscalixIRC is more fun than webex16:35
toscalixok, no AOB?16:35
gunnarxI'm gonna be a web developer some day.  Wear shorts and hawaiian shirt to work.16:36
philrobthis is what I wear in LR16:36
toscalix== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting Ends ==
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