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This post is a June update about the git repo migration, not a Star Wars spin-off. I apologize for the clickbait but I need your attention for an update on the migration of git repos in GENIVI. I want to communicate the timeline that is in place for the git repos hosted on The physical migration of repos was done as a set of clones on deadline on the 24th. The next step is to ensure that those cloned repos are in a location suitable for URLs used in build tools and scripts to "just work". That will mean that we have both proper repo configuration and DNS set up. Work is still ongoing in this department and myself along with GENIVI IT will keep you updated as we go forward. 

Even before we have the URLs complete we're going to start making some repos from read-only. This is because we want to make sure we don't lose any commits or patches. With git being a distributed version control tool, this is less of a worry as long as the code exists somewhere, but it might be disruptive if something falls between the cracks as it were. 

Ideally, if you have a repo on, you've moved it already to GitHub, or are about to. We can of course help with that and recognize that it may be inconvenient for you to do this so please send an email to me and I'm happy to set things up. We have 38 committers now on GitHub with 32 active repositories.

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