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Motivation for GDP Master


Makes it easier for interested parties to know where the work / bleeding edge of GDP is being conducted, previously we've received feedback stating the branch structure / naming schema was confusing this should ease that.

Having Master not be a strictly defined 'release' or 'golden branch also allows more flexibility for the project, allowing master to develop whilst having a stable maintenance branch for such purposes


Projected audience and users of the GDP Master

You should be using master if you wish to be part of the development cycle of the GDP, or want the most recent versions of the underlying components provided by poky / meta-ivi etc. 

The Patch Submission Process


Master: The default branch for genivi-dev-platform.git & meta-genivi-dev.git
Work during release cycles is completed in this branch, once a 'release' candidate is declared
master is branched to a 'release' branch, which becomes the current maintenance branch.
Currently (and following general yocto practices) the version of the GDP in master is linked
by the underlying baseline (meta-ivi) and the yocto release below it (poky/OE), once a release is
declared this inheritance is used to define the version. It is expected that any new package contributions
are sent as patches / PR's against master. Due to being a branch in constant flux in terms of yocto versioning,
situations may occur in which not all target hardware is supported due to the relevant BSP layer not supporting
the required version of yocto.

Maintenance: The current maintenance branch of genivi-dev-platform & meta-genivi-dev.git
The maintenance branch is the name given to the currently supported 'release' branch of GDP
Once a new release is declared and branched from master, the maintenance title is transferred.
Only bug/security fixes or specific backport patches / PR's should be based against this branch.
It is expected that a user looking for a 'stable' GDP build (or requiring a certain version of a package)
would use the maintenance branch.


Of course it is still possible to contribute to GDP via patches to

General documentation re contributing to Genivi can be found HERE

Specific GDP related contribution policies can be found HERE

GDP Master lifetime


Where to find GDP Master

GDP Master is here 

The remote head of the repo is set to the master branch, i.e master is the default branch.



Check GDP-263 - Getting issue details... STATUS for content
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