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What is the GENIVI Challenge Grant Program?

Development of code is essential to the GENIVI mission, and the Challenge Grant Program will provide funding for software that completes targeted features of the GDP and that is accepted into the GENIVI Development Platform (GDP).  The program is designed to accelerate code contribution to the GDP through a combination of funding and voluntary contribution of effort.  A full-featured and easier-to-use GDP will enable a broader base of developers to participate in the GENIVI development community and to produce innovative and quality code making the GDP even better.

When will the registration process for the GENIVI Challenge Grant Program open?

The Challenge Grant Program and registration process will begin on July 21, 2016.

How will the grants be awarded?

As an open source project, GENIVI will fund contributions of software that complete new features in seven targeted subsystems within the GDP, if the contributed software is accepted into the GDP mainstream code base.  Funding is available for feature improvements in seven pre-determined subsystems including advanced telephony, secure software over-the-air updates, wireless LAN networking, internet browser-based user interface, advanced media player, in-car network (CAN) interface and navigation data consolidation.

Grants will be paid by GENIVI upon acceptance in the GDP mainline code base by the GDP lead maintainer.  Acceptance by the GDP lead maintainer will be influence by positive support from development community participants most familiar with the targeted subsystem.  This community will consist of leaders from the GENIVI System Architecture Team and topic experts from the GENIVI Expert Group that oversees GENIVI development in the respective targeted subsystem in which the contribution is being made.  Grants are not intended to be consistent with commercial funding levels.  Grants are incentives to encourage time and effort contributions of open source code integrated into the GDP.

How much are the grants?

A single contribution grant of up to $50,000 may be awarded for code contributions accepted into the GDP mainstream code base.  The grant amount will align to the size of the feature set defined for each target subsystem. 

When are the projects due?

GENIVI expects that some contributions will be made by the fall all-member meeting during the week of October 17 in San Francisco.  Some coding activities may require additional time but all contributions must be complete before the end of the calendar year to qualify for the grant money.

How do I find more information on the GENIVI Challenge Grant Program?

The program details are located on the GENIVI Public Wiki and the deadline to register your interest for the GENIVI Challenge Grant Program is August 31, 2016.  To participate in the grant program, please register using the online form on the public wiki.  For questions, please contact the GENIVI Executive Director, Steve Crumb.

How do I apply?

Interested parties should complete the online registration form on the GENIVI Public Wiki. Parties should make sure the select one or more target subsystems.  GENIVI will respond to submissions with an email indicating how to obtain the feature requirements and indicating next steps for participation.  It is important to note that multiple individuals and/or organizations may register for the same target subsystem.  In the spirit of a “coding challenge,” the community consisting of the GDP lead maintainer and other community leaders and participants will decide which of the contributions to accept and place into the mainline of the GDP code base.  Some candidate contributions may not be accepted and/or funded, but all will be considered.

Are there any restrictions on who can apply for a GENIVI Challenge Grant?

The GENIVI Challenge Grant Program is open to any developer.  Individuals and organizations may participate.    There are no restrictions on who may participate.  

After registering interest, when will GENIVI respond with feature requirements and other information?

GENIVI will contact registering parties within five business days after registration. 

Can individuals or organizations register for more than one subsystem?

GENIVI prefers that program participants select a single subsystem but there is no rule against developing code for multiple target subsystems.   

Will GENIVI accept contributions of proprietary software?

GENIVI has a strict policy of only accepting open source licensed code.  Further, GENIVI has certain restrictions on open source licenses that may be used for GDP software.  GENIVI’s “default” license is MPL v.2.0.  GENIVI does not accept code licensed with a (L)GPL v.3.0 license. For more information on acceptable and unacceptable licenses, please refer to the GENIVI Public Licensing Policy.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the GENIVI Challenge Grant Program?

Send questions to GENIVI Executive Director Steve Crumb.

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