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GDP 11 beta release GDP-294 - Getting issue details... STATUS July 28thRelease on hold (link broken, possible solution here)Issues affecting meta-ivi and GDP MAster that prevents from building from scratch. Waiting for IT suggestion.

GDP Roadmap

      GDP-272 - Getting issue details... STATUS         

July 20th

Decision about scenario taken. Analysis of GDP 11 timeline in progress

The decision about skipping GDP 10 and releasing GDP 11 has been taken. Now it is time to agree on the roadmap details.

GDP master

     GDP-231 - Getting issue details... STATUS      

June 10th

(tick)Done: June 22nd

Re-structuring finished. Master has been created and integrated with Now GDP has two deliverables, Master and major releases.

Release of Intel Minnowboard


May 18th

(tick)Done: May 18th

GDP-ivi9 port to Intel Minnowboard MAX.

14th AMM Hands on Session


April 27th and 29th

(tick)Done: April 26th and 29th

Hands On Sessions: GDP on Porter and GDP on RPi2. Summary/overview sessions.

GDP-ivi9 release


April 5th

(tick)Done. Tue April 19th

GDP-ivi9 for QEMU, Renesas Porter and RPi2

GDP-ivi9 RC1 release


March 8th 2016

(tick)Done Tue March 8th

GDP-ivi9 RC1 QEMU image

GDP-ivi9 Beta release


Feb 9th 2016

(tick)Done Wed Feb 17th 2016

GDP-ivi9 beta released. Some complementary and analysis tasks are in progress.

Achievements this week

Main achievement on the past week:






GDP MAster now supports Dragonboard 410c GDP-284 - Getting issue details... STATUS Tuesday July 26thTo meet the Qualcomm EULA, we have adopted the same process that Linaro (96Boards and AGL). Jeremiah Foster has risen a concern that requires further study.


Activity Summary

This week the GDP delivery team has been concentrated in bringing the first version of meta-ivi 11 to GDP on time for GDP 11 beta release, together with Yocto 2.1, Qt 5.6.0 and other required updates. GDP 11 beta has been branched from Master to be released but Gold Master could not be declared due to configuration issues in two repositories. These issues affect the releases of GDP and meta-ivi as well as building from scratch any version of meta-ivi or GDP Master. Discussions about the GDP Roadmap keep taking place. Support for Dragonboard 410c has arrived to GDP Master. Changhyeok Bae is the maintainer.


Main activities

  • GDP 11 roadmap is now being tracked in  GDP-272 - Getting issue details... STATUS . 
    • No much input on the public mailing list.
    • Proposal at PMO to coordinate with HMI developers to find out if it is expected to have a new HMI before 15th AMM
    • GDP 11 roadmap presented during the GDP weekly call on July 20th
  • Master upgrades: GDP-219 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
  • GDP 11 beta release GDP-294 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Release on hold. Check the communication.
    • Declare Gold Master GDP-301 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Gold Master could not be declared.
    • Content updates
      • GDP 11 feature page GDP-306 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Target wiki page GDP-317 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • GDP releases wiki page GDP-318 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Release announcement creation GDP-309 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Reviewed. Waiting for approval.
      • Social media campaign creation GDP-307 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Warnings to contributors in several places since building GDP 11 beta or MAster for target boards does not work in general yet since we haven't got time to test them yet GDP-319 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Other activities

  • Nothing to report about this week.


Unresolved (not discussed last week)

Solved (from last week’s report issues)

Next Week Targets

  • Discussion of the GDP user critical journey GDP-291 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Improve the transition from Github to GDP Master wiki page: GDP-277 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Complete Master port to Dragonboard 410c GDP-226 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  •  GDP 11 beta release.
    • Release plan GDP-294 - Getting issue details... STATUS