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The GENIVI Alliance is happy to announce immediate availability of the first release candidate (RC1) of the GENIVI Development Platform, GDP 11. To provide the highest possible quality of final release, the GDP Delivery Team is calling upon the GENIVI community and others interested in Open Source software for automotive to test the GDP 11 RC1, prior to final release in the next few weeks.

GDP RC1 includes ports to QEMU, MinnowBoard MAX (compatible with the new Minowboard Turbot) and Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. This first candidate brings several improvements from the latest stable Yocto release 2.1.1 including:

  • the latest meta-ivi pre-release M-0.2 published last week (Yocto and Baserock versions)
  • bug fixes detected during the Beta pre-release
  • enhancements as a consequence of testing GDP with the target boards
  • the latest vc4 drm kernel drivers to support the RPi official 7" touchscreen.

Download GDP RC1 port for your favorite board or QEMU. Those with Yocto knowledge can build from scratch this first release candidate from GDP Master, where work is currently being done to support Renesas Porter, Silk and Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c boards which will take precedence in the final release. Other links of interest are:

  • GDP 11 RC1 feature page is the place to read about what is new in this pre-release.
  • GDP releases wiki page where you can find information about how to run the available GDP 11 RC1 ports to different boards. This is of interest to those application developers who are not familiar with Yocto.
  • GDP Master wiki page, with instructions to build from scratch GDP with support to a wider range of target boards if you have Yocto knowledge.
  • GDP bug tracking system for those of you who want to provide feedback about this release. The GDP Delivery Team love bug reports!
  • GDP roadmap if you are interested in the coming GDP 11 release.

We very much appreciate any and all testing of the GDP 11 RC1 as it helps us create a better development platform for those interested in producing automotive software.