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A useful tool when developing an Automotive Infotainment is a screen to view the User Interface. Recently work has been done to support the official Raspberry Pi 2 7" touch screen, as seen here: raspberry-pi-7-touchscreen-display.

If you build automotive infotainment systems, you know that the integration of hardware and software is a key differentiation. In building the GDP we don't have the resources for custom designed hardware so instead we use COTS or common off the shelf technologies. In fact the GDP supports a number of peripherals almost entirely by contributors.

The RPi touchscreen has required a bit of work to get it to work with the GDP, namely drivers in the RPi. Leon Anavi as well as GDP maintainers worked to bring in the needed software and configuration which inevitably led to upstream. Once an open source driver was brought into Linux mainline, the next step has been ensuring that the Graphical tools used by GENIVI, namely Wayland and the Wayland IVI Extension, work on the screen.

While continued discussion is happening on using the screen with GDP 11, it should be ready for everyday use with both the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. Use the links I've provided to follow along with the collaboration with many parts of our community as we continue to support widely available and popular hardware running the GDP.