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GDP 11 RC2 release GDP-376 - Getting issue details... STATUS October 4th 2016(tick) GDP 11 RC2 released.GDP 11 release turned into GDP 11 RC2. Released for QEMU, Minnowboard, RPi2, 3 and Dragonboard
GDP 11 RC1 release GDP-335 - Getting issue details... STATUS September 1st 2016(tick)GDP 11 RC1 released.Released For QEMU, Intel Minnowboard, RPI2 and RPi3.
GDP 11 beta release GDP-294 - Getting issue details... STATUS July 28th(tick) Done. Wed Aug 3rdReleased. For QEMU only. Otherwise, please go to GDP Master. The tasks left to do are about tracking the impact of the release.

GDP Roadmap

      GDP-272 - Getting issue details... STATUS         

July 20th

  • Proposal about scenarios sent. Decision about scenario taken. (tick)
  • Roadmap proposal sent and communicated. (tick)
  • Roadmap for GDP 11 beta approved. (tick)
  • Roadmap for GDP 11 RC1 approved. (tick)
  • Roadmap for GDP 11

Roadmap for RC1 release done and communicated. Release plan published.

GDP master

     GDP-231 - Getting issue details... STATUS      

June 10th

(tick)Done: June 22nd

Re-structuring finished. Master has been created and integrated with Now GDP has two deliverables, Master and major releases.

Release of Intel Minnowboard


May 18th

(tick)Done: May 18th

GDP-ivi9 port to Intel Minnowboard MAX.

14th AMM Hands on Session


April 27th and 29th

(tick)Done: April 26th and 29th

Hands On Sessions: GDP on Porter and GDP on RPi2. Summary/overview sessions.

GDP-ivi9 release


April 5th

(tick)Done. Tue April 19th

GDP-ivi9 for QEMU, Renesas Porter and RPi2

GDP-ivi9 RC1 release


March 8th 2016

(tick)Done Tue March 8th

GDP-ivi9 RC1 QEMU image

GDP-ivi9 Beta release


Feb 9th 2016

(tick)Done Wed Feb 17th 2016

GDP-ivi9 beta released. Some complementary and analysis tasks are in progress.

Achievements this week

Main achievement on the past week:






GDP 11 RC2 released GDP-388 - Getting issue details... STATUS Oct 4th Release Announcement


Activity Summary


GDP 11 release was turned into GDP 11 RC2 release following the suggestion done by GENIVI management and approved at the GDP call. New Application Launcher has been published by ICS. Work is being carried on to integrate it into Master.


Main activities

  • GDP release: GDP 11 RC2 released. GDP-376 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Turned GDP 11 into GDP 11 RC2 release.
    • Release announcement created GDP-387 - Getting issue details... STATUS and published GDP-388 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
    • Analytics in place to track impact. GDP-389 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Work de-prioritised.
    • Donwload page completed GDP-383 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • New App launcher integration into Master GDP-409 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Application Launcher published by ICS
    • Integration into Master has started. Initial PR. being tested.

Other Activities

  • Improvements  in Master 
    • Wifi works by default in RPi3. Final tests and merging required GDP-399 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Thanks Changhyeok Bae
  • GDP at ELCE GDP-407 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Draft of the slides prepared 
    • Demo of GDP 11 RC2 prepared.
  • 15th GENIVI AMM GDP-274 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Intel Turbot boards has arrived to Codethink's office on Wednesday Oct 5th.
    • Preparation of the contents for the Hands on Session de-prioritised GDP-371 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • GDP testing GDP-33 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • De-prioritised


Unresolved (not discussed last week)

Solved (from last week’s report issues

  •   Turbot boards has arrived to Codethink's office.  

Next Week Targets

  • Application Launcher integration into Master.
  • Hands on Sessions preparation.
  • GDP presentations preparation.