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    1. Tools team at 15th AMM

    • What worked? What didn’t work so well? What can be done to improve the meetings at the AMM?

    • YAMAICA and CommonAPI report from Klaus

    • Jeremiah and Agustin to share slides

    • Klaus: We didn’t talk about security in the Tools Team, and there is an idea that perhaps we could build a tool that shows coherent results for all the GENIVI components. Irdeto could provide their background in attack trees and Itemis their background in tooling.

    • Another direction might be to create a component model and use a component language to describe access control.

    1. Status of Elektrobit tools process

    • Where do we stand with the Solys and Franca deployment model? How did the presentation go? Is there feedback from the audience? Are the steps to be taken to integrate into GENIVI development environment?

    • What are the next steps?

    • As community manager I try to encourage GENIVI member companies to move code into the open early -- this hopefully provides better uptake and better feedback to the opened up project. If there is anything I can do to help along these lines please let me know.

    • There would be an open source component running on the GDP that would communicate back to a closed source component. This makes the use of the open source component a policy issue.

    • Perhaps there is a way to configure the stuff that gets built at build time? Thereby enabling things like the Solys daemon at runtime? But limiting, to some degree the overall complexity.

    • Ping Torsten to see how they want to work with TT and if they have a time line for release in greater detail than merely 2017 Q1

    • Getting a demo on the GDP up and running would likely be the next step in GENIVI

    1. Issues with uploading YAMAICA to GitHub -- still difficult (impossible?) to import YAMAICA via GitHub’s Web interface. Next step is to upload it directly via command line.

    2. SDE improvements

    • Tickets set up for the next iteration of SDE, Generation 2

    • Two roads to improvement, added functionality and improve the build

    • SDE is there to support development on the GDP

    1. Administrative details of Tool Team -- does this time work for everyone? Are there changes in the resources available to the team?

    2. AOB

      1. EA addin coming to GENIVI GitHub repos and other repositories too. Gunnar to provide links and Jeremiah to fill out the paperwork.