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What does the Solys on target tool add above and beyond what DLT and dbus already provide?

 Torsten: One benefit is the global timestamping of all the various input.

The tooling uses Google protobuf for the transport and the overall protocol is open.

Torsten offered a more technical deep dive on the protocol, but starting with the documentation was considered the preferred approach for now. 

  • Completely Eclipse based

  • Fits nicely with the SDE

The plan is to have a tailored version for GENIVI that would be able to validate Franca contracts.

  • It was noted that there is a version mismatch between Franca 11 which Solys uses and version 9 that the CommonAPI uses. It may be possible to backport from 11 to 9, maybe.

  • It may be possible to join the Solys API and CommonAPI with the same Franca version.

  • Klaus will ask Juergen G. about dependencies on version number. Then Klaus will look into the code to see how much work it would be and when there is consensus then it can be done.

  • Klaus for users of the SDE / SDK it would be good to have everything available in the same image.

  • Torsten said he would check on the permissions of the binary to determine if GENIVI could distribute the binary part of the Solys tool.

Philippe Colliot asked if we could use EB Solys for compliance checking of the interfaces?

Current plan is for Jeremiah to continue to run the TT meetings ad hoc until further information from PMO.

AI: Jeremiah to follow up with Torsten to get an official proposal for the Solys client tool into GENIVI