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The full release of GDP 11 is now available and can be found here. Since the October AMM, GDP 11 has undergone extensive testing to confirm stability and is proven on additional hardware targets. Like the previous release candidate, GDP 11 includes a GENIVI-branded GUI and configurable application launcher, an enriched Software Development Environment (including SDK) and increased vehicle connectivity with Remote Vehicle Interaction Core and SOTA Client software. 

GDP 11 highlights include:

  • Easier to install, build and use
  • Compatible with several Intel and ARM based development boards including the low-cost Raspberry Pi boards
  • Developed in an open and collaborative environment, following the best practices of any reputed FOSS community
  • Combines the latest stable Open Source automotive software components with the latest stable generic Linux based software provided by the Yocto project

Those with Yocto knowledge can build this release from scratch using the GDP 11 build instructions. Other links of interest are:

  • GDP 11 Feature Page provides details on what is new in this release.
  • GDP Releases wiki page where you can find information on how to run the available GDP 11 ports to differentboards. This is of interest to those application developers who are not familiar with Yocto.
  • GDP Master wiki page, with instructions on how to build GDP from scratch with support to a wider range of target boards with Yocto knowledge.
  • GDP 11 Bug Tracking system for those wishing to provide feedback in the form of bug reports, new feature requests, and any other comments on this release. GENIVI welcomes all type of inputs from the community so we can make future GDP releases better.
  • GDP Roadmap for information on the upcoming GDP releases.

The GENIVI community welcomes all member and open source community efforts to further enhance the GDP making it a fully featured and continuously enhanced development platform product. Additionally, GENIVI appreciates assistance in the areas of testing, bug reporting, patching and new feature requesting to advance GDP development (technical discussions occurring on genivi-projects email list and on Jira trackers).

Release notes courtesy of Traci Renner.

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