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Software Base

  • Yocto Project (poky)

Layer Dependencies





Supported Hardware

The following hardware platforms are supported:

QEMU (ARMv7) —emulated machine: vexpressa9
QEMU (IA-32) —emulated machine: qemux86
QEMU (x86-64) —emulated machine: qemux86-64

How to build

  1. mkdir $HOME/genivi-baseline
  2. cd $HOME/genivi-baseline
  3. git clone git://
  4. git clone git://
  5. git clone
  6. cd meta-ivi; git checkout 11.0.1
  7. ./scripts/ poky
  8. ./scripts/ meta-openembedded
  9. cd -
  10. export TEMPLATECONF=`pwd`/meta-ivi/meta-ivi/conf
  11. source poky/oe-init-build-env build
  12. MACHINE=qemux86 bitbake miranda-image


  1. to build the software for other hardware, change MACHINE=...
    for example, MACHINE=qemux86-64 bitbake miranda-image

  2. to run emulate machine,
    ../meta-ivi/scripts/runqemu miranda-image qemux86


meta-ivi 11.0.1 metadata

The meta-ivi-11.0.1_metadata.7z archive should have the following contents:

Package Manifest :[ARMv7][IA-32][x86-64] package.manifest
License Manifest :[ARMv7][IA-32][x86-64] license.manifest
Human-readable information about the build configuration and metadata source revisions :[ARMv7][IA-32][x86-64] build-id
graphviz-compatible dependency graphs for the image :[ARMv7][IA-32][x86-64]
A list of files in the image with permissions, owner/group, size, and symlink information :[ARMv7][IA-32][x86-64] files-in-image.txt
A text file containing name-value pairs with information about the image :[ARMv7][IA-32][x86-64] image-info.txt
A list of installed packages (names only) :[ARMv7][IA-32][x86-64] installed-package-names.txt
A list of installed packages ordered by size :[ARMv7][IA-32][x86-64] installed-package-sizes.txt
A list of installed packages (full package filename) :[ARMv7][IA-32][x86-64] installed-packages.txt

Change Log from 11.0.0

no change of pokyno change of meta-openembeddedchangeLog of meta-ivi

Test Report