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What is the purpose of CommonAPI C++

CommonAPI C++ is a C++ abstraction API to enable service oriented communication in distributed systems.

CommonAPI C++ depends on Franca-IDL to describe static interfaces as well as communication / protocol configuration parameters and a full component instance dependency model.

The intention is encapsulate the communication protocols and adjacent middleware. The basic principle can be seen in the following picture.


EclipseJava RequirementsFrancaC++ Compiler
Other Dependencies
newer - see GitHub reposame?same?same?same?


except for vsomeip = ?

Maintainers, please update info.
3.1.6LunaJDK >= >= 4.8.2

D-Bus >= 1.6.x

CMake >= 2.8.x

vsomeip 2.0.5

3.1.5 LunaJDK >= >= 4.8.2

D-Bus >= 1.6.x

CMake >= 2.8.x

vsomeip 2.0.1

3.1.4 LunaJDK >= >= 4.8.2

D-Bus >= 1.6.x

CMake >= 2.8.x

vsomeip 2.0.0

3.1.3LunaJDK >= >= 4.8

D-Bus >= 1.6.x

CMake >= 2.8.x

vsomeip 1.3.0


3.1.1 JDK >= 1.7 gcc >= 4.7  


 JDK >= 1.7 gcc >= 4.7  
2.1.6 JDK >= 1.6 gcc >= 4.6.1  

Installation and Source Code

Application Binary Downloads 

Tools (Code Generators)

Source Code Repositories 

Tools (Code Generators) for C++ API (git)

Runtime Libraries for C++ API (git)

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