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  • BASE-41 CommonAPI dbus issue; A patch created against dbus is causing some issues. Core dump is created. Jeurghen Gehring is the maintainer.

  • The intention is not to change the way libdbus works, rather some shortcuts and extensions added in a compatible way.

  • TOOL-60

  • Please consider taking on open tasks in the above Tools Team issue

  • For example, there is work to do integrating Yocto Eclipse plugins into the SDE as well as integrating a debugger

  • Fuego, a test framework, is being used in embedded Linux

  • Baseline team is still working on meta-ivi test layer. Looking for more contribution from various other GENIVI EGs and companies.

  • Gunnar feels positive about Fuego

  • Jeremiah to post a blog post about both Fuego and LAVA presentations from FOSDEM

  • Monday’s extra meeting (BMW, Conti, Visteon, Itemis) explained their motivations.

  • Went through the spreadsheet and added comments to each of the requirments, did some prioritization. Best thing would be a follow up meeting

  • Olaf: good collaboration and another meeting is likely needed to go into further detail

  • Jeremiah: Set up a Dudle for another meeting

  • Klaus: Please add to the distribution list of the spreadsheet

  • Franca to JSON converter: Philippe Colliot wanted to use this in a demonstrator for the GENIVI AMM. The automated translation from Franca to JSON is something that Philippe wants to share with the W3C.

  • Klaus: there are some restrictions like the fact that we have only a Java implementation

  • Gunnar: It would be nice to run it again and see where we stand

  • Klaus: Provide URL that shows Franca to Javascript transformation

  • WebIDL -- the LBS team would like information on the suitability of Franca as a tool to use for Web interface definitions (Philippe Colliot from PSA)


    • The goal is to build a UI in the browser with HTML and JavaScript - Typescript and be able to communicate with applications written in C++ on the system. Artemis built a prototype a while ago using JSON for exchanging data. But this is not a solution for a production system. It would be nice to have something that communicated with the system over web sockets. Then Franca could be used to describe an interface. Philippe Colliot provided a diagram describing this and Klaus has done a rough estimate on the work.

    • AI - Klaus to send another email to the discussion group.

  • Deadline for providing draft AMM session content: Tuesday 28 February 2017

    • AI - Jeremiah create a session for the tools team meeting in BIR

  • Solys update

    • Can solys be included in GDP 12? GENIVI management would like to understand the timeline.

  • AI - Jeremiah The plan to is to create a *second* poll asking when is a good time to create a work group to discuss the requirements

    • Meeting ended, remaining agenda to be addressed in the next meeting

  • Check scope of Tools Team for missing tools

    • In the past, Gerrit has been mentioned. I feel that GitHub is more powerful and is more widely used by GENIVI members. Would it be useful to have a talk on some of GitHub’s code comparison tooling and other advanced GitHub features at the upcoming GENIVI AMM? Perhaps a discussion in this forum on the merits of Gerrit vs. GitHub and what we can do with each?

  • Klocwork status

    • Gunnar to followed up and some progress has been made. Further work being done

  • Bug tracker -- time to make the move to JIRA since bugzilla will be deprecated fully by the upcoming AMM

    • AI - Jeremiah Juergen Gehring is in charge of the CommonAPI work now, Jeremiah to contact him about bug migration