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Planned agenda

  • Meeting cadence reminder -- we meet every other week on Wednesday's at 17:00 CET, 12:00 PM EST
  • Tools Team minutes will go back to living in the wiki, I've been updating past weeks minutes into the wiki and I'll be more consistent with the agenda and the minutes publishing
  • Tools Team homepage updated with some information on Solys:
  • If you're new to the Tools Team (and I know there are some new folks) please look at the Tools Team home to find out about way of working, tools, minutes, etc. 
  • Introduction of new Mobica attendees and their proposal around possible CAN tooling
  • Update on Solys plans from Torsten if he's available
  • Discussion on planning GENIVI AMM readout 
  • Updated on Component specification work
  • Testing GENIVI code 
  • AoB


  • Jeremiah reminded everyone about tools team resources, ways of working
  • Meeting cadence reminder -- we meet every other week
  • Mobica shares their CAN simulation presentation
  • How does socketCAN fit?
  • This tool would be able to talk to socketCAN but you’ll still need to simulate the CAN hardware
  • This solution is similar to gstreamer with the usage of sinks and sources

  • The tool would be configurable, customizable and extensible

  • Would this be open source software?

  • Yes, the plan to make this project open source

  • Q: I could see a use for this on separate hardware, there might be CAN messages coming from safety critical RTOSes for example. Would you build the simulator on the same container for example?

  • A: The main goal is to have this tool working on a PC, the PC would become a node

  • Goal would be to create a template for the module but people would create their own modules and tailor them to their needs. Plan is to keep it as modular as possible.

  • Q: Which hardware would be targeted on the sending side?

  • Do you not have CAN middleware on the GENIVI stack?

  • Not really, we’ve worked on the VSI which is just above the CAN stack and not really CAN signals as such or not really CAN frames but the data contained inside

  • We can continue to work on an implementation strategy in parallel


  • Its good to have inexpensive USB hardware since it is easier to get and test.

  • Q: Is there code already available to test?

  • A: We think that the first step is to have a baseline to work on and then create a simple application and add more complex components as we go.

  • Plan is to have a working session in the Tools Team at the AMM

  • Also talks on VSI will be held at the AMM so that may be a good opportunity to network and learn more about how the CAN project would fit in.



  • Philippe to send information to Mobica regarding GENIVI Network EG and how to
  • AoB