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Story Creation DoD

  • All ticket types should have Acceptance Criteria (AC)
  • For code changes that add or change function, use the ticket type Feature.

Features shall have:

  • Acceptance Criteria (AC) written in ticket
  • Shall also fulfill Generic DoD

Tasks shall have:

  • Acceptance Criteria (AC) written in ticket

Story Closing DoD

This is a general definition of done to be applied to all stories in the GDP project.

  • Service tests for the story exists (if applicable)
  • Component tests for the story exists (if applicable)
  • Unit tests for the story exists (if applicable)
  • Appropriate CI jobs have been updated/added (if applicable)
  • Documentation is added in either the repo or on the wiki, if documentation exist already it should be reviewed and updated if needed, see checklist.
  • Build passes without any new warnings or errors.
  • All tests passes at least as well as before. 


When reviewing changes use the following lists:



  • Have you documented the feature 
  • Top level
    • Is it correct and makes sense after the change?
  • Is there any example code for the feature?


  • Are all the files in the correct directories?
  • Did you need to create new structures or should you have done so?


  • TBD


  • TBD
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