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Franca+ is the working title for extensions to Franca tooling which cover component specification using Franca.

The purpose of Franca+ is to agree upon Franca extensions for describing an overall architecture model together with interested parties and the Franca project.

.Franca+ brings to Franca

  • components,
  • ports,
  • compositions,
  • devices,
  • communication adapters

in a so called component language,

A new component deployment is derived from the Franca core deployment an extended new entities. The  component deployment (.cdepl) is fully compatible with the Franca core deployment (.fdepl). It delivers a closed (complete) architecture model with explicit notation to describe how interfaces (representing functions) are deployed.


See Franca+ Documentation  and  Working with Franca+.

Source Code

Source code can be downloaded from franca_plus github repository.

There is also some HelloWorld example to show how defining an overall architecture works in Franca+.

Build instructions

See: Howto Build from Source


Please enter issues here:

Update Site

An P2 update site for Eclipse, containing the plugins for component model and component deployment can be found at
((warning) NOTE that the URL is not browsable with a web-browser – it is supposed to be accessed from within Eclipse)

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